Or. Admin. R. 309-018-0140 - Assessment

(1) At the time of entry, an assessment shall be completed.
(2) The assessment shall be completed and signed by qualified program staff as follows:
(a) Supervisory or treatment staff in substance use disorders treatment and recovery programs, and
(b) Supervisory or treatment staff in problem gambling treatment and recovery programs.
(3) Each assessment shall include:
(a) Sufficient information and documentation to justify the presence of a diagnosis that is the medically appropriate reason for services;
(b) Screening for the presence of substance use, problem gambling, mental health conditions, and chronic medical conditions;
(c) Screening for the presence of symptoms related to psychological and physical trauma;
(d) Suicide potential shall be assessed, and individual service records shall contain follow-up actions and referrals when an individual reports symptoms indicating risk of suicide.
(4) For substance use disorder services, each assessment shall be consistent with the dimensions described in the ASAM PPC and shall document a diagnosis and level of care determination consistent with the DSM and ASAM PPC.
(5) When the assessment process determines the presence of co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders or any significant risk to health and safety:
(a) Additional assessments shall be used to determine the need for additional services and supports and the level of risk to the individual or to others; and
(b) All providers shall document referral for further assessment, planning, and intervention from an appropriate professional, either with the same provider or with a collaborative community provider.
(6) Providers shall update assessments when there are changes in clinical circumstances.


Or. Admin. R. 309-018-0140
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Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 413.042, 428.205 - 428.270, 430.640 & 443.450

Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 430.010, 430.205 - 430.210, 430.254 - 430.640, 430.850 - 430.955, 443.400 - 443.460, 443.991, 461.549 & 743A.168

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