Or. Admin. R. 309-018-0180 - Residential Substance Use Disorders Treatment and Recovery Programs

(1) Programs approved to provide residential substance use disorders treatment services shall meet the following standards:
(a) The assessment shall contain an evaluation that identifies and assesses needs such as social isolation, self-reliance, parenting issues, domestic violence, physical health, housing, and financial considerations;
(b) The service plan shall address all areas identified in the assessment and applicable service coordination details to address the identified needs;
(c) The program shall provide or coordinate services and supports that meet the special access needs such as childcare, mental health services, and transportation, as indicated; and
(d) The program shall provide or coordinate the following services and supports unless clinically contraindicated:
(A) Gender-specific services and supports;
(B) Family services, including therapeutic services for children in the custody of individuals in treatment;
(C) Reintegration with family;
(D) Peer delivered supports;
(E) Smoking cessation;
(F) Housing;
(G) Transportation; and
(H) Housing and Employment support services for those who qualify under OAR 309-019-0105.
(2) Services shall include the participation of family and other agencies as appropriate, such as social service, child welfare, or corrections agencies.
(3) The program shall coordinate services with the following, if indicated:
(a) Agencies providing services to individuals who have experienced physical abuse, sexual abuse, or other types of domestic violence; and
(b) Parenting training; and
(c) Continuing care treatment services shall be consistent with the ASAM PPC and shall include referrals to support groups where available.
(4) Providers that receive SAPT block grant funding shall provide or coordinate the following services for pregnant women and individuals with dependent children, including individuals who are attempting to regain custody of their children:
(a) Primary medical care, including referral for prenatal care and child care;
(b) Primary pediatric care, including immunizations for their children;
(c) Gender specific substance use treatment and other therapeutic interventions for individuals that may include but are not limited to:
(A) Relationship issues;
(B) Sexual and physical abuse;
(C) Parenting;
(D) Access to child care while the individuals are receiving these services; and
(E) Therapeutic interventions for children in the custody of individuals in treatment that may include but are not limited to:
(i) Their developmental needs;
(ii) Any issues concerning sexual and physical abuse and neglect; and
(iii) Sufficient case management and transportation to ensure that individuals and their children have access to services.
(5) Providers who deliver adolescent substance use disorders treatment services or those with adolescent-designated service funding shall meet the following standards:
(a) Development of service plans and case management services shall include participation of parents, other family members, schools, children's services agencies, and juvenile corrections, as appropriate.
(b) Services or appropriate referrals shall include:
(A) Family counseling;
(B) Education services;
(C) Community and social skills training; and
(D) Smoking cessation service.
(c) Continuing care services shall be of appropriate duration and designed to maximize recovery opportunities. The services shall include:
(A) Reintegration services and coordination with family and schools;
(B) Youth dominated self-help groups where available;
(C) Linkage to emancipation services when appropriate; and
(D) Linkage to physical or sexual abuse counseling and support services when appropriate.


Or. Admin. R. 309-018-0180
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Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 413.042, 428.205 - 428.270, 430.640 & 443.450

Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 430.010, 430.205 - 430.210, 430.254 - 430.640, 430.850 - 430.955, 443.400 - 443.460, 443.991, 461.549 & 743A.168

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