Or. Admin. R. 309-019-0130 - Personnel Documentation, Training, and Supervision

(1) Providers shall maintain personnel records for each program staff that contains all of the following documentation:
(a) When required, verification of a criminal record check consistent with OAR 943-007-0001 through 0501;
(b) A current job description that includes applicable competencies;
(c) Copies of relevant licensure or certification, registration for licensure or certification, diploma, or certified transcripts from an accredited college, indicating that the program staff meets applicable qualifications;
(d) Periodic performance appraisals;
(e) Staff orientation documentation; and
(f) Disciplinary documentation;
(g) Documentation of trainings required by this or other applicable rules; and
(h) Documentation of clinical and non-clinical supervision. Documentation shall include the date supervision took place, the amount of supervision time, and a brief description of relevant topics discussed.
(2) Providers using contractors, interns, or volunteers as program staff shall maintain the following documentation, as applicable:
(a) A contract or written agreement;
(b) A signed confidentiality agreement;
(c) Orientation documentation; and
(d) For subject program staff, verification of a criminal records check consistent with OAR 943-007-0001 through 0501.
(3) Providers shall ensure that program staff receive training applicable to the specific population for whom services are planned, delivered, or supervised. The program shall document appropriate orientation for each program staff providing services within 30 days of the hire date. At a minimum, training and orientation for all program staff shall include but not be limited to:
(a) A review of crisis prevention and response procedures;
(b) A review of emergency evacuation procedures;
(c) A review of program policies and procedures;
(d) A review of rights for individuals receiving services and supports;
(e) A review of mandatory abuse reporting procedures;
(f) A review of confidentiality policies and procedures;
(g) A review of Fraud, Waste and Abuse policies and procedures;
(h) A review of care coordination policies and procedures; and
(i) For Enhanced Care Services, positive behavior support training.
(4) Program staff providing direct services and supports shall receive documented clinical supervision by a qualified clinical supervisor related to the development, implementation, and outcome of services:
(a) Supervision shall be provided to assist program staff to increase their skills within their scope of practice, improve quality of services to individuals, and supervise program staff and volunteers' compliance with program policies and procedures. Part time program staff shall receive weekly supervision prorated to reflect the average number of hours worked. Individual face-to face contact may include real time, two-way audio or audio-visual conferencing;
(b) Documentation of two hours per month of supervision for each program staff supervised who is not accurately accounted for in one of the following subsections of this rule;
(c) Documentation of two hours of quarterly supervision for program staff holding a license or certification issued by a Division recognized credentialing body;
(d) Documentation of one-hour of weekly individual supervision for program staff meeting the definition of student intern or mental health intern; and
(e) When available, a qualified Peer Delivered Services Supervisor shall provide one of the two hours of required monthly supervision to program staff providing direct Peer Delivered Services. Remaining hours of supervision shall be provided by a qualified supervisor of the program (mental health, substance use disorder, or problem gambling).


Or. Admin. R. 309-019-0130
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Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 161.390, 413.042, 430.256 & 430.640

Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 109.675, 428.205 - 428.270, 430.010, 430.205 - 430.210, 430.254 - 430.640, 430.850 - 430.955 & 743A.168

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