Or. Admin. R. 309-033-0727 - Structural and Physical Requirements

(1) The hospital or other facility which provides care, custody and treatment for persons who are considered dangerous to themselves or others shall have available at least one room which meets the following requirements:
(a) The room must be of adequate size, not isolated from regular staff of the facility, and provided with an adequate locking device on all doors and windows.
(b) The door must open outward and contain a port of shatterproof glass or plastic through which the entire room may be viewed from outside and before entering.
(c) The room shall contain no protruding objects, such as doorknobs, towel or clothes bars, hooks, or racks. There shall be no exposed curtains, drapes, rods, or furniture, except a portable bed which can be removed, if necessary. In case of the removal of the bed frame, a fireproof mattress shall be placed on the floor. Beds which are securely fastened to the floor must have no protrusions such as bed posts or sharp corners.
(d) Any windows shall be made of unbreakable or shatterproof glass, or plastic. Non-shatterproof glass shall be protected by adequate detention type screening, such as Chamberlain Detention Screen.
(e) There shall be no exposed pipes or electrical wiring in the room. Electric outlets shall be permanently capped or covered with a metal shield which opens with a key. Ceiling and wall lights shall be recessed and covered with safety-type glass or unbreakable plastic. Any cover, cap or shield shall be secured by tamper-proof screws or other means approved by the Division.
(f) The room shall contain no combustible material, such as matches, lighters, cigarettes, etc. Smoking shall not be allowed in the room, except under direct supervision of staff.
(g) The room shall meet fire, safety, and health standards. If sprinklers are installed, they shall be recessed and covered with a fine mesh metal screening. If pop-down type, sprinklers must have breakaway strength of under 80 pounds. In lieu of sprinklers, a combined smoke and heat detector shall be used. Documentation of the breakaway strength of sprinklers must be on file at the facility.
(2) Bathroom requirements include:
(a) Adequate toilet and sanitary facilities shall be available.
(b) The bathroom shall contain no shower rods, shower curtains, window curtain rods, curtains, or towel rods, unless used only with direct staff supervision.
(c) The bathroom shall not lock from the inside and, if connected to the room, shall be locked when not in use.
(3) No sharp objects, such as razor blades, scissors, knives, nail files, etc., shall be available to the patient, except under direct staff supervision. No poisons or cleaning materials shall be kept in the room or in the bathroom available for the room.


Or. Admin. R. 309-033-0727
MHS 13-2014, f. & cert. ef. 9-29-14

Stat. Auth.: ORS 426.236, 426.385 & 430.041

Stats. Implemented: ORS 426.005 - 426.395

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