Or. Admin. R. 309-033-0950 - Certification of Mental Health Examiners

(1) Psychiatrists exempt from certification. A psychiatrist may serve as an examiner as provided by ORS 426.110. Division certification is not necessary for psychiatrists serving as mental health examiners.
(2) Qualifications for certification of persons other than psychiatrists. The Division shall certify, as a qualified mental health examiner for three years or until such time as the Division terminates the certificate, a QMHP who meets all of the following:
(a) Has at least three years clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of severely mentally ill adults who suffer primarily from a psychotic disorder;
(b) Presents acceptable written references from two persons who have the above qualifications and can demonstrate direct knowledge of the person's qualifications;
(c) Is recommended by the director to be an examiner in the county; and
(d) Has established individual competence through training provided by the Division in the following areas:
(A) The role and duties of an examiner and the process of examination;
(B) Oregon statutes and administrative rules relating to the civil commitment of mentally ill persons;
(C) Establishing clear and convincing evidence for mental disorder;
(D) The mental status examination; and
(E) The assessment of suicidality, assaultiveness, homocidality and inability to care for basic needs.
(3) Qualifications for recertification. The Division may recertify for three years, or until such time as the Division terminates the certificate of, any mental health examiner who meets the following:
(a) The examiner has been an examiner certified by the Division after July 1, 1988;
(b) The examiner has successfully completed eight hours of training provided by the Division relating to the assessment and diagnosis of mental disorder and, changes in statutes and administrative rules relating to civil commitment; and
(c) The director recommends the person to be an examiner in the county.
(4) Examination. The examiner shall conduct an examination in a manner that elicits the data necessary for establishing a diagnosis and a plan for treatment. Only certified examiners shall conduct an examination of an allegedly mentally ill person.
(5) Termination of certification. The Division may terminate the certification of any mental health examiner when, in the opinion of the assistant administrator:
(a) The person no longer can competently perform the duties required by this rule; or
(b) The person has exhibited a behavior or a pattern of behavior which violates the rights, afforded by statute, of persons being investigated.


Or. Admin. R. 309-033-0950
MHD 12-1998, f. 6-26-98, cert. ef. 7-1-98, Renumbered from 309-230-0060

Stat. Auth.: ORS 413.042, 426.060 - 426.500

Stats. Implemented: ORS 426.005 - 426.395

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