Or. Admin. R. 309-040-0335 - Training Requirements for Providers, Resident Managers, and Substitute Caregivers

(1) All providers, resident managers, and substitute caregivers shall satisfactorily meet all educational requirements established by the Division. Providers and staff may not provide care to any individual prior to acquiring education or supervised training designed to impart the basic knowledge and skills necessary to maintain the health, safety, and welfare of the individual. Required course work and necessary skills may include, but are not limited to, physical caregiving; screening for care and service needs; appropriate behavior towards individuals with physical, cognitive, and emotional disabilities; emergency procedures; medication management; personal care products; food preparation; home environment and safety procedures; residents' rights; issues related to architectural accessibility; and mandatory abuse reporting.
(2) The provider, resident manager, and substitutive caregivers shall be able to understand and communicate in oral and written English in accordance with ORS 443.730.
(3) Training for all providers, resident managers, and substitute caregivers shall comply with ORS 443.738. The provider shall satisfactorily pass any testing requirements established by the Division before being licensed or becoming a resident manager or substitute caregiver. The test shall be completed by the caregiver without the help of any other individual. The provider, resident manager, and substitute caregiver shall have the ability to, but not be limited to, understand and respond appropriately to emergency situations, changes in medical conditions, physicians' orders and professional instructions, nutritional needs, and individuals' preferences and conflicts.
(4) The Division may make exceptions to the training requirements for individuals appropriately licensed medical care professionals in Oregon or who possess sufficient education, training, or experience to warrant an exception. The Division may not make any exceptions to the testing requirements.
(5) In accordance with ORS 443.738, the Division may permit a person who has not completed the training or passed the required test to act as a resident manager until the training and testing are completed or for 60 days, whichever is shorter, if the Division determines that an unexpected and urgent staffing need exists. The provider shall notify the Division of the situation and demonstrate that the provider is unable to find a qualified resident manager, that the individual meets the requirements for a substitute caregiver for the AFH, and that the provider shall provide adequate supervision.
(6) The provider or resident manager shall maintain current documentation of the training and testing of substitute caregivers including but not limited to:
(a) Documentation of criminal history check in compliance with OAR 943-007-0001 through 0501;
(b) Documentation that a substitute caregiver has successfully completed the training required by the Division;
(c) Documentation that the provider has trained the caregiver to meet the routine and emergency needs of the individuals;
(d) Documentation that the provider has oriented the caregiver to the individuals in the AFH, their care needs and skills training, personal care plan, and the physical characteristics of the AFH.
(7) The Division shall require a minimum of twelve hours of training annually directly related to the care and services for individuals with mental illness. The provider, resident manager, and substitute caregiver of an AFH must complete required training and document the training in the provider, resident manager, and substitute caregiver's training records. The training is in addition to any orientation that is attended by applicants prior to licensing and shall include, but is not limited to:
(a) Understanding and recognizing severe and persistent mental illness;
(b) Mandatory abuse reporting;
(c) Medication management, dispensing, and documentation;
(d) Incident report writing;
(e) Individual rights;
(f) AFH emergency planning;
(g) Fire safety;
(h) Complaints and grievances; and
(i) Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid.
(8) The Division may require the provider, resident manager, or substitute caregiver to obtain additional training, whether or not the twelve-hour annual training requirement has already been met.
(9) Providers, resident managers, or substitute caregivers who perform delegated or assigned nursing care services as part of the residential care plan shall receive training and appropriate monitoring from a registered nurse on performance and delivery of those services.


Or. Admin. R. 309-040-0335
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 413.042

Stats. Implemented: ORS 443.705 - 443.825

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