Or. Admin. R. 330-080-0020 - Prime Supplier's Responsibilities

(1) State Representative: Each prime supplier shall notify in writing the State Office of its designated representative, which shall be a firm with a place of business in Oregon. The State Office shall, to the maximum extent possible, consult with the designated representative prior to issuing any authorizing document affecting state set-aside volumes to be provided by the prime supplier.
(2) State Set-Aside Volume:
(a) A prime supplier shall inform the State Office and the Region X Office of US DOE monthly in accordance with 10 CFR 211.222(b) of the estimated volume of motor gasoline and middle distillate subject to state set-aside to be sold into Oregon for consumption within Oregon;
(b) At the time of issuance of these rules state set-aside percentage level is five percent of motor gasoline and four percent of middle distillates. Any change in these percentages will be published by the State Office. The State Office has the authority, subject to federal approval, to revise the set-aside percentage level upwards or downwards as the supply situation requires;
(c) The set-aside volume available for a particular month shall be the sum of the amounts calculated by multiplying the state set-aside percentage level by each prime supplier's estimated portion of its total supply for that month which will be sold into Oregon's distribution system for consumption within Oregon.
(3) Release of State Set-Aside:
(a) All prime suppliers shall supply products from their state set-aside volume each month, as directed by the State Office, based on the actual volume delivered by the suppliers to purchasers in the state. Suppliers shall provide the applicant with the assigned amount of an allocated product from any convenient local distributor. Wholesale purchaser-resellers of prime suppliers shall honor authorizing documents upon presentation, and shall not delay deliveries required by the authorizing document while confirming such deliveries with the prime suppliers, and shall receive from its supplier an equivalent volume of the allocated product;
(b) Any portion of a state set-aside volume which is not allocated during a particular month or which is not subject to an authorizing document issued no later than the last day of that month is part of the prime supplier's total supply for the subsequent month, and shall be distributed according to the allocation procedures in 10 CFR Part 211;
(c) At any time during a month, the State Office may order part or all of a prime supplier's set-aside volume released for normal distribution;
(d) The State Office may designate geographical areas within Oregon as suffering from an intra-state supply imbalance, and may order some or all of the prime suppliers with purchasers within such geographical areas to release part or all of their set-aside volume through their normal distribution systems to increase the allocations within such areas;
(e) Orders issued by the State Office are effective upon presentation to the designated state representative, and represent a call on the prime supplier's set-aside volumes for the month of issuance even though delivery cannot be made until the following month.


Or. Admin. R. 330-080-0020
DOE 3-1979(Temp), f. & ef. 5-24-79; DOE 4-1979(Temp), f. & ef. 9-20-79; DOE 5-1979, f. & ef. 10-29-79

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Stat. Auth.: ORS 469

Stats. Implemented: ORS 469.030

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