Or. Admin. R. 330-080-0025 - Appeals of Allocation Officer's Order

(1) Who may file: The applicant, or any other person aggrieved by an order issued by an Allocation Officer may appeal.
(2) What to file:
(a) An appellant shall file a written, signed, and clearly labeled "Appeal of Order" with the Reviewing Office, State Office, Oregon Department of Energy, 102 Labor and Industries Building, Salem, OR 97310;
(b) The appeal shall contain a citation to the order appealed from, a concise statement of all factual and legal grounds upon which it is brought, and a description of the relief sought. If the appeal includes a request for relief based on significantly changed circumstances, there shall be a complete description of the events, acts, or transactions that comprise the significantly changed circumstances, and the appellant shall state why, if the significantly changed circumstance is new or newly discovered facts, such facts were not or could not have been presented during the prior proceeding.
(3) Notice:
(a) The appellant shall mail a copy of the appeal and any other documents relating thereto, to each person who it reasonably anticipates will be aggrieved by the action sought, including those who participated in the proceeding before the Allocations Officer. The copy shall be accompanied by a statement that the person may submit comments regarding the appeal to the Reviewing Officer within ten days. The appeal shall include certification to the State Office that the appellant has complied with the requirements of this paragraph and shall include the names and addresses of each person to whom a copy of the appeal was sent;
(b) The Reviewing Officer shall serve notice on any other person readily identifiable by it as one who will be aggrieved by the action sought, inviting written comments regarding the appeal within ten days of service of that notice;
(c) Any person submitting written comments to the Reviewing Officer shall send a copy thereof to the appellant, and shall certify to the Reviewing Officer that it has done so;
(d) The appellant shall state whether he requests a conference with the Reviewing Officer regarding the appeal.
(4) Reviewing Officer's Evaluation:
(a) Processing:
(A) The Reviewing Officer may initiate an investigation of any statement in an appeal and utilize in its evaluation any relevant facts obtained by such investigation. The Reviewing Officer may convene a conference or hearing to advance its evaluation;
(B) If the Reviewing Officer determines that there is insufficient information upon which to base a decision and if, upon request, the necessary additional information is not submitted, the Reviewing Officer may dismiss the appeal with leave to amend within a specified time. If the appellant fails to provide the notice required by 10 CFR 205.104, the Reviewing Officer may dismiss the appeal without prejudice.
(b) Criteria:
(A) An appeal may be summarily denied if:
(i) It is not filed in a timely manner, unless good cause is shown; or
(ii) It is defective on its fact for failure to state and to present facts, and legal argument in support thereof, that the Allocation Officer's action was erroneous in fact or in law, or that it was arbitrary or capricious;
(iii) The Reviewing Officer may deny all appeals if the appellant does not establish that:
(I) The appeal was filed by an aggrieved person;
(II) The Allocation Officer's action was erroneous in face or in law; or
(III) The Allocation Officer's action was arbitrary or capricious.
(5) Decision and Order:
(a) The Reviewing Officer shall render its decision by issuance of an appropriate order, which may include the modification of the order that is the subject of the appeal;
(b) The order shall include a written statement setting forth the relevant facts and the legal basis of the order. The order shall state that it is a final order of which the appellant may seek judicial review;
(c) The Reviewing Officer shall serve a copy of the order upon the appellant, and any other person who participated in the proceeding.


Or. Admin. R. 330-080-0025
DOE 3-1979(Temp), f. & ef. 5-24-79; DOE 4-1979(Temp), f. & ef. 9-20-79; DOE 5-1979, f. & ef. 10-29-79

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Stat. Auth.: ORS 469

Stats. Implemented: ORS 469.030

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