Or. Admin. R. 331-905-0000 - Specialty Body Piercing Definitions

The following definitions apply to OAR chapter 331, division 900:

(1) "Affidavit of Licensure" has the meaning set forth in OAR 331-030-0040.
(2) "APP" means Association of Professional Piercers.
(3) "Body piercing" has the definition set forth in ORS 690.350.
(4) "Direct supervision" means the supervisor or instructor is present in the facility and actively involved in direct oversight and training of students.
(5) "Disinfect" means the process that kills some but not all disease-causing microorganisms and slows regrowth.
(6) "EPA" means United States Environmental Protection Agency.
(7) "FDA" means Food and Drug Administration.
(8) "Field of practice" has the definition set forth in ORS 690.350.
(9) "High-level disinfectant" means a chemical agent, registered with the EPA, which has demonstrated tuberculocidal activity.
(10) "Instruments" means equipment used during body piercing services. Types of instruments include but are not limited to needles, forceps, hemostats, tweezers, and jewelry.
(11) "Office" means Health Licensing Office.
(12) "Official transcript" means: An original document authorized by the appropriate office in the Higher Education Coordinating Commission and certified by an educational institution indicating applicant identity information, field of practice(s) enrolled under, specific hour requirements for each field of practice if applicable, final practical examination scores for each field of practice, enrollment information and a signature by an authorized representative on file with the Office. Original documents must be submitted directly to the Office from the educational institution by United States Postal Service mail or other recognized mail service providers in a sealed envelope;
(13) "Practitioner" means a person licensed to perform services included within a field of practice.
(14) "Sharps container" means a puncture-resistant, leak-proof container that can be closed for handling, storage, transportation, and disposal. The container must be labeled with the "Biohazard" symbol.
(15) "Specialty level one genital piercing" includes the following:
(a) Male genital piercings including the scrotum, frenum, foreskin, or the perineum behind the scrotum, and the piercing of the penis through the urethra, perineum behind the scrotum (Guiche) and exiting on the underside of the penis (called a "Prince Albert"); and
(b) Female genital piercing including the labia majora, labia minors, vulva, piercings of the clitoral hood, and perineum between the vagina and the anus (fourchette).
(c) Cheek piercing is a piercing outside the nasal labia fold that goes from outside to the inside of cheek.
(16) "Specialty level two genital piercing" includes the following:
(a) Male genital piercings: a vertical piercing through the glans of the penis (called an "apadravya"), horizontal piercing through the glans of the penis (called an "ampallang"), a piercing through the corona or ridge of the glans of the penis (called a "dydoe"), a piercing of the penis entering through the urethra and exiting on the upper side of the penis (called a "reverse prince albert"); and
(b) Female genital piercings: the clitoris, a piercing in which jewelry is inserted below the hood behind the clitoris (called a "triangle"), and a piercing of the vagina through the urethra and exiting on the upper side of the vagina (called a "princess albertina").
(17) "Sterilize" means the process that kills all microbial life.


Or. Admin. R. 331-905-0000
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Statutory/Other Authority: 676.615 & 690.405

Statutes/Other Implemented: 690.405

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