Or. Admin. R. 333-050-0030 - Visitors, Part-Time Students, and Residents

(1) Any child visiting or attending a school or facility on five or more different days in a given school year or residing on the premises of a school or facility regardless of whether the child attends classes or receives child care, at any age or grade through grade 12, shall be subject to the requirements of either a new enterer or transferring child as appropriate. Such residents and visitors for the purposes of these rules are in attendance.
(2) Home-schooled, private, or special education students or students in other non-traditional educational settings are subject to these rules if they:
(a) Meet with an instructor in a school building for any amount of time on a regular or irregular basis, but at least five times per school year; or
(b) Participate in sports or other activities through a school-sponsored program at least five times per school year.
(3) Students in residential, correctional, or treatment programs that receive educational instruction are subject to these rules.
(4) For facilities providing drop-in child care, a child may attend on up to four different days without a Certificate of Immunization Status on file. Before allowing attendance on the fifth visit, a Certificate of Immunization Status must be provided showing at least one dose of each required vaccine or an appropriately signed exemption.


Or. Admin. R. 333-050-0030
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Stat. Auth.: 433.004 & 433.273

Stats. Implemented: ORS 433.001, 433.004, 433.006 & 433.235 - 433.284

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