Or. Admin. R. 333-102-0135 - Ice Detection Devices

(1) A general license is hereby issued to own, receive, acquire, possess, use and transfer strontium-90 contained in ice detection devices, provided each device contains not more than 50 microcuries (1.85 MBq) of strontium-90 and each device has been manufactured or imported in accordance with a specific license issued by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission or each device has been manufactured in accordance with the specifications contained in a specific license issued by the Authority or an Agreement State to the manufacturer of such device pursuant to licensing requirements equivalent to those in section 32.61 of 10 CFR Part 32.
(2) Persons who own, receive, acquire, possess, use or transfer strontium-90 contained in ice detection devices pursuant to the general license granted by section (1) of this rule:
(a) Must, upon occurrence of visually observable damage, such as a bend or crack or discoloration from overheating to the device, discontinue use of the device until it has been inspected, tested for leakage and repaired by a person holding a specific license from the Authority, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission or any other Agreement State to manufacture or service such devices; or shall dispose of the device pursuant to the provisions of OAR 333-120-0500;
(b) Must assure that all labels affixed to the device at the time of receipt, and which bear a statement which prohibits removal of the labels, are maintained thereon; and
(c) Are exempt from the requirements of divisions 111 and 120 of this chapter except that such persons must comply with the provisions of OAR 333-120-0500, 333-120-0700, and 333-120-0710.
(3) This general license does not authorize the manufacture, assembly, disassembly or repair of strontium-90 in ice detection devices.
(4) This general license is subject to the provisions of OAR 333-100-0005 (Definitions), 333-100-0025 (Exemptions), 333-100-0030 (Additional Requirements), 333-100-0055 (Records), 333-100-0060(1) and 333-100-0060(2) (Inspections), 333-100-0065 (Tests), 333-102-0305(1) through 333-102-0305(8) (Terms and Conditions of Licenses), 333-102-0330 (Transfer of material), 333-102-0335 (Modification, Revocation, and Termination of Licenses) and division 118 of this chapter.


Or. Admin. R. 333-102-0135
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 453.635, 453.665

Stats. Implemented: ORS 453.605 - 453.807

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