Or. Admin. R. 333-008-0635 - Grow Site CTS Tracking

(1) A grow site location that meets the following criteria must track the transfer, propagation and production of marijuana in CTS in accordance with OAR chapter 845, division 25:
(a) The grow site has more than 12 mature medical marijuana plants and more than 24 immature medical marijuana plants; or
(b) There are more than two PRMGs registered at the grow site location; or
(c) There are more than two patients registered at the grow site location.
(2) One PRMG at a grow site location must be approved as the designated grow site administrator by the Authority under OAR 333-008-0638 and is responsible for:
(a) Paying the CTS non-refundable user fee; and
(b) Ensuring compliance with the CTS tracking requirements for all PRMGs at the grow site location.
(3) A grow site administrator at a grow site subject to tracking must activate the CTS account assigned by the Commission within 10 calendar days of notification by the Commission that activation is required and must enter all inventory within 10 calendar days of activating the CTS account.
(4) The grow site administrator must comply with OAR 845-025-2110 and 845-025-2120 and any additional instructions provided by the Authority or the Commission regarding the following:
(a) Setting up and activating a CTS user account;
(b) Successfully completing all required CTS training; and
(c) Ordering Unique Identification Tags and tagging all marijuana items.
(5) A grow site administrator and each PRMG at a grow site must cooperate with an inspection or investigation conducted by the Commission under ORS 475C.871(6).
(6) A PRMG producing marijuana at a grow site location that is subject to CTS tracking may not transfer a marijuana item, unless the grow site has:
(a) An approved grow site administrator capable of entering required information into CTS;
(b) An active CTS user account;
(c) UID tags; and
(d) All medical marijuana items tagged with UID tags and all inventory recorded in accordance with OAR 845-025-2110.
(7) If a grow site administrator or any PRMG at a grow site location that is subject to CTS tracking under this rule does not comply with this rule, the Authority may revoke the registration of the grow site and the registration of all PRMGs registered at that grow site location.
(8) A grow site administrator is legally responsible for compliance with this rule and all CTS tracking requirements as described in OAR 845-025-2110 and 845-025-2150.
(9) Each PRMG at a grow site location must cooperate with the approved grow site administrator to ensure that the grow site and the grow site administrator complies with this rule and the Commission's CTS rules that apply to registrants. Failure to cooperate with a grow site administrator is a violation of this rule and may result in a PRMG's registration being revoked.
(10) The Authority may revoke the grow site registration and the registration of all PRMGs at a grow site if the grow site does not have a GSA or is not using CTS tracking as is required by these rules.
(11) Nothing in this rule is intended to prohibit the Commission from permitting other authorized users from entering information into CTS for a grow site location in accordance with its own rules and policies.


Or. Admin. R. 333-008-0635
PH 29-2017, adopt filed 12/22/2017, effective 1/1/2018; PH 248-2018, amend filed 08/17/2018, effective 8/17/2018; PH 19-2019, amend filed 10/08/2019, effective 10/8/2019; PH 87-2022, minor correction filed 05/25/2022, effective 5/25/2022

Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 475C.871

Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 475C.871 & ORS 475C.919

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