Or. Admin. R. 340-012-0067 - Underground Storage Tank (UST) Classification of Violations

(1) Class I:
(a) Failing to investigate or confirm a suspected release;
(b) Failing to establish or maintain the required financial responsibility mechanism;
(c) Failing to obtain the appropriate general permit registration certificate before installing or operating an UST;
(d) Failing to install spill and overfill protection equipment that will prevent a release, or failing to demonstrate to DEQ that the equipment is properly functioning;
(e) Failing to install, operate or maintain a method or combination of methods for release detection such that the method can detect a release from any portion of the UST system;
(f) Failing to protect from corrosion any part of an UST system that routinely contains a regulated substance;
(g) Failing to permanently decommission an UST system;
(h) Failing to obtain approval from DEQ before installing or operating vapor or groundwater monitoring wells as part of a release detection method;
(i) Installing, repairing, replacing or modifying an UST system in violation of any rule adopted by DEQ;
(j) Failing to conduct testing or monitoring, or to keep records where the failure constitutes a significant operational compliance violation;
(k) Providing, offering or supervising tank services without the appropriate license; or
(l) Failing to assess the excavation zone of a decommissioned or abandoned UST when directed to do so by DEQ.
(2) Class II:
(a) Continuing to use a method or methods of release detection after period allowed by rule has expired;
(b) Failing to have a trained UST system operator for an UST facility after March 1, 2004;
(c) Failing to apply for a modified general permit registration certificate;
(d) Failing to have an operation certificate for each compartment of a multi-chambered or multi-compartment UST when at least one compartment or chamber has an operation certificate;
(e) Installing, repairing, replacing or modifying an UST or UST equipment without providing the required notifications;
(f) Failing to decommission an UST in compliance with the statutes and rules adopted by DEQ, including, but not limited to, performance standards, procedures, notification, general permit registration and site assessment requirements;
(g) Providing tank services at an UST facility that does not have the appropriate general permit registration certificate;
(h) Failing to obtain the identification number and operation certificate number before depositing a regulated substance into an UST, by a distributor;
(i) Failing, by a distributor, to maintain a record of all USTs into which it deposited a regulated substance;
(j) Allowing tank services to be performed by a person not licensed by DEQ;
(k) Failing to submit checklists or reports for UST installation, modification or suspected release confirmation activities;
(l) Failing to complete an integrity assessment before adding corrosion protection;
(m) Failing by an owner or permittee to pass the appropriate national examination before performing tank services; or
(n) Failing to provide the identification number or operation certificate number to persons depositing a regulated substance into an UST.
(3) Class III: Failing to notify the new owner or permittee of DEQ's general permit registration requirements, by a person who sells an UST.


Or. Admin. R. 340-012-0067
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 466.720, 466.746, 466.882, 466.994 & 468.020

Stats. Implemented: ORS 466.706 - 466.835, 466.994 & 468.090 - 468.140

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