Or. Admin. R. 340-122-0360 - Reporting Requirements

(1) Within 60 days of completing work at a soil matrix site cleaned up pursuant to OAR 340-122-0320 through 340-122-0360, or within a longer period of time approved by the Department, the responsible person must submit to the Department a final report which must contain:
(a) A narrative section describing how the release was discovered, what initial measures were taken to control the spread of contamination, what was observed when the tank was removed from the pit (e.g., odor, sheen, stained soils, holes in tank or lines), what information was used to score the site, how the cleanup was done, how much contaminated soil was removed, what was done with the contaminated soil and the decommissioned tank and piping, who collected the samples, how the samples were collected, stored, and shipped to the lab, and any problems encountered during the cleanup or sample collection process;
(b) A site map drawn to scale showing relevant information such as the location of tanks, lines, utilities, buildings, and other structures, excavated soils, samples, and any pockets of contamination left pursuant to OAR 340-122-0355(4);
(c) Properly filled out copies of the Department's Matrix Checklist and Matrix Score Sheet;
(d) All of the sampling documentation required in OAR 340-122-0345;
(e) Copies of the laboratory reports and chain of custody forms for all soil and water samples collected at the site;
(f) Copies of all receipts or permits related to the disposal of free product, contaminated soil, contaminated water, and decommissioned tanks and piping;
(g) A brief explanation of what was done in the case of any samples that initially exceeded the required cleanup levels;
(h) A summary of the concentrations measured in the final round of samples from each sampling location;
(i) In cases where groundwater was present in the pit, a summary of the data collected and the decision made by the Department under OAR 340-122-0355(3);
(j) In cases where pockets of excess contamination remain on site in accordance with OAR 340-122-0355(4), a description of this contamination including location, approximate volume and concentration; and
(k) In cases where waste oil contamination required extra sampling and analyses as specified in OAR 340-122-0340(6), a summary of the data collected and, if appropriate, the decision made by the Department under OAR 340-122-0355(5).
(2) The responsible person shall retain a copy of the report submitted to the Department under this section until the time of first transfer of the property, plus ten years.
(3) Upon review of the report, the Department shall:
(a) Provide the responsible person a written statement that, based upon information contained in the report, the soil present at the site has been cleaned up in accordance with OAR 340-122-0320 through 340-122-0360; or
(b) Request the responsible person to submit additional information or perform additional investigation; or
(c) Request the responsible person to conduct additional remedial action in accordance with OAR 340-122-0250 or 340-122-0252.


Or. Admin. R. 340-122-0360
DEQ 15-1989, f. & cert. ef. 7-28-89 (and corrected 8-3-89 ); DEQ 46-1990, f. 12-26-90, cert. ef. 3-1-91; DEQ 23-1998, f. & cert. ef. 11-2-98

Stat. Auth.: ORS 465.400 & ORS 466.746

Stats. Implemented: ORS 465.200 - ORS 465.455 & ORS 466.706 - ORS 466.835

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