Or. Admin. R. 340-150-0163 - General Permit Requirements for Operating an UST System

(1) To maintain compliance with the general permit registration certificate for operation, the permittee must operate and maintain the UST system in accordance with the following performance standards and requirements:
(a) The valid annual operation certificate must be posted in a conspicuous location at the UST facility clearly visible to distributors depositing regulated substances into the UST (OAR 340-150-0150 );
(b) Prevent spills and overfills (OAR 340-150-0310 );
(c) Maintain corrosion protection, including testing, record keeping and reporting of test failures (OAR 340-150-0320 and 340-150-0325 );
(d) Perform release detection for USTs and underground piping, including monitoring, testing and record keeping (OAR 340-150-0400 through 340-150-0470 );
(e) Periodically inspect internally lined USTs and report to the department any inspection failures (OAR 340-150-0360 );
(f) Report to the department any suspected release of regulated substances within 24 hours (OAR 340-150-0500 ) and investigate suspected releases within seven days (340-150-0510 );
(g) Report to the department any spills, overfills or confirmed releases within 24 hours and investigate or take corrective action as required by:
(A) OAR 340-122-0205 through 340-122-0360 for petroleum USTs.
(B) OAR 340-122-0010 through 340-122-0115 for USTs containing nonpetroleum regulated substances, except that releases must be reported in accordance with the requirements of OAR chapter 340, division 142.
(h) Repair, modify or replace UST system components as necessary to correct, detect or prevent releases (OAR 340-150-0350 through 340-150-0354 );
(i) Continuously maintain a financial responsibility mechanism for petroleum UST systems (OAR chapter 340, division 151);
(j) Allow the department access to the UST facility and records (OAR 340-150-0135(2) );
(k) Provide information to the department upon request and submit information regarding UST system or UST facility changes (OAR 340-150-0135(4) and (5) );
(l) Pay all annual compliance fee invoices by the specified due date or be subject to late fees (OAR 340-150-0110 );
(m) Submit application for modification of registration certificate to the department upon any change in ownership of the property, UST system or designated permittee (OAR 340-150-0052 ). Failure to submit a request for modification is cause for automatic termination of the operation certificate (OAR 340-150-0102(1) ); and
(n) Comply with all applicable UST operator training requirements (OAR 340-150-0200 or 340-150-0210 ).
(2) Except as provided by OAR 340-150-0156, all UST services shall be performed under the supervision of a person licensed as a DEQ UST services supervisor who is working for a company licensed as a DEQ UST services service provider in accordance with OAR chapter 340, division 160.
(3) The permittee may not operate an UST that does not meet the conditions and requirements of the operation certificate and all other applicable rules and statutes. The permittee must:
(a) Immediately take all actions necessary to bring the UST system into compliance; or
(b) Submit a 30-day notice of permanent closure to the department and immediately begin to manage the UST system in compliance with the conditions and requirements of a general permit for permanent closure in accordance with OAR 340-150-0166 or 340-150-0168.
(4) When an UST system will no longer be operated due to proposed change-in-service, temporary or permanent closure, the permittee must notify the department of the proposal in writing 30 days in advance of the change.
(5) The operation certificate for an UST will terminate upon issuance of a temporary closure certificate or when temporary closure, change-in-service or permanent closure begins (OAR 340-150-0102(3) ).


Or. Admin. R. 340-150-0163
DEQ 24-1998, f. & cert. ef. 11-2-98; DEQ 6-2003, f. & cert. ef. 2-14-03; DEQ 3-2008, f. 2-29-08, cert. ef. 3-10-08

Stat. Auth.: ORS 466.706 - 466.835, 466.994 & 466.995

Stats Implemented: ORS 466.706, 466.740, 466.746, 466.750, 466.760, 466.765, 466.770, 466.775, 466.783, 466.785, 466.805, 466.810 & 466.815

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