Or. Admin. R. 340-150-0325 - Operation and Maintenance of Corrosion Protection

(1) An owner and permittee of an UST system described in OAR 340-150-0320 must operate and maintain the corrosion protection system to provide continuous protection to the metal components of any portion of the UST and underground piping that routinely contains a regulated substance.
(2) Except as provided by 340-150-0156, an owner and permittee must have the corrosion protection system inspected and tested for proper operation by a cathodic protection supervisor licensed by DEQ (OAR chapter 340, division 160):
(a) Within six months of installation; and
(b) At least once every three years thereafter.
(3) An owner and permittee of an UST system with impressed current cathodic protection systems must have the system inspected every 60 days to ensure the equipment is running properly.
(4) An owner and permittee must report all corrosion protection test failures to DEQ within 24 hours, unless the impressed current system is brought back to operational levels by adjusting the rectifier outputs.
(5) An owner and permittee must conduct any repair or modification of a corrosion protection system or equipment in accordance with OAR 340-150-0350 and 340-150-0352.
(6) An owner and permittee must maintain records of the operation of the cathodic protection system to demonstrate compliance with this rule, including:
(a) The results of the last three impressed current cathodic protection tests required in section (3) of this rule; and
(b) The results of the last two cathodic protection inspections required in section (2) of this rule.
(7) The testing criteria used to determine that corrosion protection is effective must be performed in accordance with a code of practice developed by a nationally recognized association. An owner and permittee may use the codes listed in Appendix G of this division to comply with the requirements of this rule.

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Or. Admin. R. 340-150-0325
DEQ 6-2003, f. & cert. ef. 2-14-03; DEQ 188-2018, amend filed 05/14/2018, effective 6/1/2018

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Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 466.706 - 466.835, 466.994 & 466.995

Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 466.746 & 466.765

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