Or. Admin. R. 340-242-0050 - Definitions of Terms Used in These Rules

The definitions in OAR 340-200-0020, 340-204-0010 and this rule apply to 340-242-0010 through 340-242-0290. If the same term is defined in this rule and 340-200-0020 or 340-204-0010, the definition in this rule applies to 340-242-0010 through 340-242-0290.

(1) "AQMA" means the Portland Air Quality Maintenance Area.
(2) "Auto Trip" means a commute trip taken by vehicle to a work site.
(3) "Auto Trip Rate" means the number of commute vehicles arriving at a work site divided by the number of employees that report to the work site.
(4) "Baseline Auto Trip Rate" means the daily average auto trip rate established by the baseline survey.
(5) "Baseline Survey" means the employee survey administered at the beginning of the ECO program, or when a new or expanding employer becomes subject to the ECO rules, or when an employer relocates.
(6) "Car/Vanpool" means a motor vehicle occupied by two or more people traveling together for their commute trip that results in the reduction of a minimum of one auto trip.
(7) "Compressed Work Week" means a schedule in which employees work their regularly-scheduled number of hours in fewer days per week or over a number of weeks (for example, a 40-hour, 8 hours per day, Monday through Friday work week is compressed into a 40-hour, 10 hours a day, Monday through Thursday work week.).
(8) "Department" means the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.
(9) "ECO Program" or "ECO Rules" means OAR 340-242-0010 through 340-242-0290.
(10) "Employee" means any person on the employer's payroll, full or part-time (part time is 80 or more hours per 28-day period), for at least six consecutive months at the same work site, including business owners, associates, partners, and partners classified as professional corporations.
(11) "Employer" means any person, business, educational institution, non-profit agency or corporation, government department or agency or other entity that employs more than 100 employees at a single work site.
(12) "Equivalent Emission Reduction" means a reduction of vehicle emissions, or other sources of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions, that results in a reduction of VOC and NOx emissions equal to the emission reduction resulting from one eliminated auto trip.
(13) "Metro" means the regional government agency that serves the Portland metropolitan area.
(14) "New Employer" means any employer establishing a work site within the Portland AQMA, or any employer within the Portland AQMA that expands employment at a single work site to more than 100 employees, after the effective date of the ECO rules.
(15) "Non-Scheduled Work Week" means a work week with no regular daily scheduled starting or ending time, no scheduled work days, or employees are on-call. This does not include employees working a traditional "8 to 5" job who may work on a flexible schedule.
(16) "Target Auto Trip Rate" means a rate ten percent less than the baseline auto trip rate.
(17) "Target Compliance Deadline" means the date by which employers must demonstrate progress toward achieving and maintaining their target auto trip rate. The initial target compliance deadline is three years following registration.
(18) "Telecommuting" means the employees perform regular work duties at home, or at a work center closer to home than to work, rather than commuting to work. The employees may telecommute full time, or commute to work on some days and telecommute on others.
(19) "Vehicle" or "Auto" means a highway vehicle powered by a gasoline or diesel internal combustion engine with fewer than sixteen adult passenger seating positions.
(20) "Work site" means a property that is owned or leased by an employer or employers under common control, including a temporary or permanent building, or grouping of buildings that are in actual physical contact or separated only by a private or public roadway or other right-of-way.

NOTE: This rule is included in the State of Oregon Clean Air Act Implementation Plan as adopted by the Environmental Quality Commission under OAR 340-200-0040.


Or. Admin. R. 340-242-0050
DEQ 17-1996, f. & cert. ef. 8-14-96; DEQ 14-1999, f. & cert. ef. 10-14-99, Renumbered from 340-030-0840; DEQ 3-2007, f. & cert. ef. 4-12-07

Stat. Auth.: ORS 468.020

Stats. Implemented: ORS 468A.363

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