Or. Admin. R. 340-245-0010 - Applicability and Jurisdiction

(1) This division applies in all areas of the state and to all sources, excluding sources located on tribal and federal lands that are not subject to regulation by DEQ.
(2) DEQ may consult with OHA as necessary on the implementation of the rules in this division.
(3) Subject to the requirements in this division and OAR 340-200-0010(3), Lane Regional Air Protection Agency is designated by the EQC to implement the rules in this division within its area of jurisdiction.
(4) This division applies to entire sources as well as to individual TEUs.
(5) The owner or operator of a source subject to this division may also be subject to other air quality rules including but not limited to those listed below, either in relation to its obligations under this division or independent of this division.
(a) OAR chapter 340, division 209, Public Participation;
(b) OAR chapter 340, division 210, Stationary Source Notification Requirements;
(c) OAR chapter 340, division 212, Stationary Source Testing and Monitoring;
(d) OAR chapter 340, division 214, Stationary Source Reporting Requirements;
(e) OAR chapter 340, division 216, Air Contaminant Discharge Permits, including fees;
(f) OAR chapter 340, division 218, Oregon Title V Operating Permits;
(g) OAR chapter 340, division 220, Oregon Title V Operating Permit Fees;
(h) OAR chapter 340, division 224, New Source Review;
(i) OAR chapter 340, division 226, General Emission Standards;
(j) OAR chapter 340, division 244, Oregon Federal Hazardous Air Pollutant Program; and
(k) OAR chapter 340, division 246, Oregon State Toxic Air Contaminant Program.
(6) Disclaimer. Compliance with this division does not authorize the emission of any toxic air contaminant in violation of any other federal, state, or local law or regulation, or exempt the owner or operator from any other applicable law or regulation.


Or. Admin. R. 340-245-0010
DEQ 197-2018, adopt filed 11/16/2018, effective 11/16/2018; DEQ 18-2021, amend filed 11/17/2021, effective 11/17/2021

Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 468.020, 468.065, 468A.025, 468A.040, 468A.050, 468A.070, 468A.155, 468A.135, 468A.337 & 468A.345

Statutes/Other Implemented: 468.065, 468A.025, 468A.040, 468A.050, 468A.070, 468A.155, 468A.010, 468A.015, 468A.035, 468A.337, 468A.345, 468A.343 & 468A.335

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