Or. Admin. R. 340-073-0065 - Privies and Portable Toilet Shelters

(1) Privies and portable toilet shelters must comply with the following general requirements.
(a) Structures must be free of hostile surface features, such as exposed nail points, sharp edges, and rough or broken boards, and must provide privacy and protection from the elements.
(b) Building ventilation must be equally divided between the bottom and top halves of the room and must be adequate to allow for the free escape of gases and odors. All vents must be screened with 16 mesh screen of durable material.
(c) Buildings must be of fly-tight construction and must have self-closing doors with an inside latch.
(d) Pits, tanks, or vaults must be vented to the outside atmosphere by a flue or vent stack having a minimum inside diameter of 4 inches. Vents must extend at least 12 inches above the roof.
(e) Interior floors, walls, ceilings, partitions, and doors must be finished with readily cleanable, impervious materials resistant to wastes, cleansers, and chemicals. Floors and risers must be constructed of impervious material and prevent entry of vermin.
(2) Portable Toilet Shelters. Portable toilet shelters may be prefabricated, skid mounted, or mobile. In addition to the requirements in section (1) of this rule, portable toilet shelters must:
(a) Provide at least 1 square foot of screened ventilation to the outside atmosphere for each seat;
(b) Provide at least 9 square feet of floor space for each seat;
(c) Be furnished with a toilet tissue holder for each seat;
(d) Be located in areas readily accessible to users and to pumping and cleaning services; and
(e) Provide separate compartments with doors and partitions or walls of sufficient height to insure privacy in multiple-unit shelters except that separate compartments are not required for urinals.


Or. Admin. R. 340-073-0065
DEQ 10-1981, f. & ef. 3-20-81; DEQ 27-1994, f. 11-15-94, cert. ef. 4-1-95; DEQ 11-2004, f. 12-22-04, cert. ef. 3-1-05

Stat. Auth.: ORS 454.625 & 468.020

Stats. Implemented: ORS 454.615 & 454.775

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