Or. Admin. R. 410-172-0850 - Telemedicine for Behavioral Health

(1) Telemedicine encompasses different types of programs, services, and delivery mechanisms for medically appropriate covered services within the recipient's benefit package:
(a) Patient consultations using telephone and online or electronic mail (e-mail) are covered when billed services comply with the practice guidelines set forth by the Health Evidence Review Commission and the applicable HERC-approved code requirements, delivered consistent with the HERC Evidence-Based Guidelines;
(b) Patient consultations using videoconferencing, a synchronous (live two-way interactive) video transmission resulting in real time communication between a provider located in a distant site and the recipient being evaluated and located in an originating site, is covered when billed services comply with the billing requirements stated below.
(2) Behavioral health services specifically identified as allowable for telephonic delivery are listed on the Behavioral Health Fee schedule published by the Authority.
(3) Unless expressly authorized in OAR 410-120-1200 (Exclusions), other types of telecommunications are not covered such as images transmitted via facsimile machines and electronic mail when:
(a) Those methods are not being used in lieu of videoconferencing, due to limited videoconferencing equipment access; or
(b) Those methods and specific services are not specifically allowed pursuant to the Oregon Health Evidence Review Commission's Prioritized List of Health Services and Evidence Based Guidelines.
(4) Providers billing for covered telemedicine services shall:
(a) Comply with HIPAA and the Authority's Confidentiality and Privacy Rules and security protections for the patient in connection with the telemedicine communication and related records;
(b) Obtain and maintain technology used in the telemedicine communication that is compliant with privacy and security standards in HIPAA and the Authority's Privacy and Confidentiality Rules set forth in OAR 943 division 14;
(c) Ensure policies and procedures are in place to prevent a breach in privacy or exposure of patient health information or records (whether oral or recorded in any form or medium) to unauthorized individuals;
(d) Comply with the relevant HERC evidence-based guidelines for telephone and e-mail consultation. Refer to the current prioritized list and evidence based guidelines at http://www.oregon.gov/OHA/HPA/CSI-HERC/Pages/Prioritized-List.aspx;
(e) Maintain clinical and financial documentation related to telemedicine services as required in OAR 410-120-1360.
(5) For purposes of behavioral health services, the Authority shall provide coverage for telemedicine services to the same extent that the services would be covered if they were provided in person.


Or. Admin. R. 410-172-0850
DMAP 32-2015, f. 6-24-15, cert. ef. 6/26/2015; DMAP 67-2018, minor correction filed 05/25/2018, effective 5/25/2018

Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 413.042 & 430.640er Authority: ORS 413.042 & 430.640

Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 413.042, 414.025, 414.065, 430.640, 430.705 & 430.715

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