Or. Admin. R. 411-070-0085 - Bundled Rate

(1) PURPOSE. The nursing facility rate established for a facility is a bundled rate and includes all services, supplies and facility equipment required for services.
(a) The following services and supplies required to provide services in accordance with each resident's care plan are included in the bundled rate:
(A) All nursing services defined in OAR 411-086-0110 through 411-086-0160;
(B) All support services and supplies associated with the required nursing services;
(C) All activity services, supplies and staffing as defined in OAR 411-086-0230;
(D) All social services, supplies and staffing as defined in OAR 411-086-0240;
(E) All dietary services, supplies and staffing as defined in OAR 411-086-0250;
(F) All professional consultant services;
(G) All services of the facility medical director;
(H) Management of resident funds, including purchase of items;
(I) Room and board, including:
(i) Special diets and non-pumped food supplements; and
(ii) Laundry, whether performed by the facility staff or an outside provider, including laundering and marking of resident's personal clothing and bedding;
(J) Miscellaneous services and supplies, including:
(i) Items stocked by the facility in gross supply and administered individually on physician's order;
(ii) Items owned or rented by the facility that are utilized by individual residents but are reusable and are routinely expected to be available in a nursing facility;
(iii) Shaves, haircuts, supplies and shampoos as required for grooming and cleanliness, whether performed by facility staff or by an outside provider; and
(iv) Transportation provided in vehicles that are owned or leased by the facility or by any person who holds an ownership interest in the facility.
(b) Items included within the bundled rate must meet all of the following criteria:
(A) Item(s) are medically appropriate;
(B) Item(s) are most effective and least costly means to meet the individuals' needs; and
(C) Item(s) are allowed in the state plan.
(c) The Oregon Health Plan will continue to provide coverage for specified items and equipment in accordance with OAR chapter 410, division 122. No entitlement to any item is created for any resident in a nursing facility based solely on the listing of an item in OAR chapter 410, division 122, as potentially included in the nursing facility bundled rate. Oregon Health Plan limits on duration, scope and/or frequency of provision of the item(s) may not apply to the bundled rate if the facility needs to provide the item(s) in excess of the limits in order to meet resident needs. Nursing facilities are not required to purchase all specified codes, forms, sizes or varieties of the items listed in OAR chapter 410, division 122, so long as the residents' service needs are met. Nursing facilities are not required to honor individual preferences for specific types of equipment and supplies.
(d) The bundled rate pays for all equipment and supplies, unless the item(s) is specified as not paid for by the bundled rate. Equipment and supplies paid for in the bundled rate include:
(A) Oxygen and oxygen equipment, including concentrators, unless the oxygen provided exceeds 1,000 liters in a 24-hour period;
(B) Glucose monitors and diabetic equipment;
(C) Nebulizers and nebulizer supplies;
(D) Ostomy supplies;
(E) Urological supplies;
(F) Resident lifts except as specified in Appendix A to this rule;
(G) Toilet supplies, except as specified in Appendix A to this rule;
(H) Miscellaneous supplies;
(I) Surgical dressings;
(J) Incontinence supplies;
(K) All medically necessary wheelchairs and wheelchair accessories except:
(i) As specified in Appendix A to this rule; or
(ii) If at the time of admission, the individual's expected length of stay in the nursing facility is 30 days or less as confirmed on a written statement from the individual's attending physician, and the individual has a physician's order for the same wheelchair for on-going use in the individual's home and meets Department of Medical Assistance Programs (DMAP) criteria for a tilt-in-space wheelchair;
(L) Suction pumps and supplies;
(M) Tracheostomy supplies;
(N) Canes and crutches;
(O) Standing and positioning aides;
(P) Walkers;
(Q) Hospital beds, except as specified in Appendix A to this rule or if an exception need exists as determined by the DMAP prior authorization process;
(R) Pressure reducing support services, except as specified in Appendix A to this rule;
(S) Hospital bed accessories, except as specified in Appendix A to this rule;
(T) Bath supplies; and
(U) Over the counter medications as defined in Appendix B to this rule.
(e) The following services and supplies are NOT included in the bundled rate:
(A) Therapy services provided to residents by outside providers;
(B) Medical services by physicians or other practitioners other than the services required by OAR 411-086-0200;
(C) Radiology services, laboratory services and podiatry services;
(D) Transportation for residents to and from medical services in vehicles that are not owned or leased by the facility or by any person who holds an ownership interest in the facility;
(E) Biologicals (e.g., immunization vaccines);
(F) Hyperalimentation ;
(G) Prescription pharmaceuticals; or
(H) Ventilators.


Or. Admin. R. 411-070-0085
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 414.065 & 410.070

Stats. Implemented: ORS 410.070 & 414.065

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