Or. Admin. R. 411-360-0185 - Abuse and Incident Handling and Reporting

(1) ABUSE REPORTING. If a mandatory reporter has a reasonable cause to believe that abuse of an individual has occurred, the mandatory reporter must report or cause a report to be made immediately by phone or otherwise to the local CDDP, local law enforcement agency, or the Department. The duty to report suspected abuse is personal to the staff and is not fulfilled by reporting the abuse to the owner, provider, or any other staff even if the owner, provider, or other staff reports the abuse. A provider must also immediately notify the following:
(a) The local law enforcement agency if there is reason to suspect a crime has occurred.
(b) Child Welfare if the allegation of abuse involves a young adult.
(2) In the case of a serious illness, serious injury, or death of an individual, a provider must immediately, but not later than one business day, notify all of the following (as applicable):
(a) The individual's legal or designated representative, family (if known), and other significant person identified by the individual to be contacted under these circumstances.
(b) The individual's case management entity.
(c) Any other agency responsible for, or delivering services to, the individual.
(3) A provider must immediately, but not later than one business day, notify an individual's case management entity of:
(a) The use of an emergency physical restraint. Timelines for notification included in a Temporary Emergency Safety Plan supersede the timeline established by this section.
(b) The use of a safeguarding intervention or safeguarding equipment resulting in an injury to the individual.
(4) In the case where an individual is missing without support beyond the time frame identified in the individual's ISP, the provider must immediately notify all of the following:
(a) The individual's legal or designated representative (if applicable).
(b) The local law enforcement agency.
(c) The individual's case management entity.
(5) A notification required by sections (1), (2), (3), or (4) of this rule must occur by phone, in-person, email, writing, or verbally and maintain confidentiality.
(a) A provider must complete a written incident report for any of the following:
(A) Serious incident.
(B) Allegation of abuse.
(C) Use of a safeguarding intervention.
(D) Use of an emergency crisis strategy when the individual has a Temporary Emergency Safety Plan.
(E) Fire requiring the services of a fire department.
(b) An incident report, when completed as required in subsection (a) of this section, must be:
(A) Submitted to the individual's case management entity within five business days of the incident.
(B) Maintained by the provider in the individual's record.
(C) If requested, provided to the individual's legal or designated representative within five business days of the request. A copy of an incident report may not be provided to an individual's legal or designated representative when the report is part of an abuse investigation.
(c) A copy of an incident report provided to an individual's legal representative or other service providers must have confidential information about other individuals removed or redacted as required by federal and state privacy laws.
(7) PROTECTIVE SERVICES. When a CDDP or Department abuse investigator determines that a provider must take a protective services action following a report of abuse, the provider must implement the action. If unable to implement the action, the provider must immediately notify the abuse investigator.
(a) Any protective services must be provided in a manner that is least intrusive to adult individuals and provide for the greatest degree of independence available within existing resources.
(b) The provider must report the outcome of protective services to the abuse investigator upon completion.
(8) RECOMMENDED ACTIONS. When a provider receives a recommended action included in an Abuse Investigation and Protective Services Report, as described in OAR 407-045-0320, or serious incident report review from a case management entity, the provider must:
(a) Implement the recommended actions within specified timelines and report back to the case management entity that the recommended actions were completed; or
(b) Contact the case management entity to develop alternative actions that are designed to prevent the recurrence of abuse or serious incident.


Or. Admin. R. 411-360-0185
APD 39-2019, adopt filed 10/29/2019, effective 11/1/2019

Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 409.050, 427.104, 443.001, 443.004, 443.725, 443.730, 443.735, 443.738, 443.742, 443.760, 443.765, 443.767, 443.775 & 443.790

Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 427.104, 443.001-443.004, 443.705-443.825, 443.875 & 443.991

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