Or. Admin. R. 411-086-0050 - Admission of Day Care Residents

Day care residents may be admitted to the facility only if the facility has written approval from the Division to admit day care residents, the facility is in compliance with OAR 411, divisions 85-89, and provided admittance does not intefere with care needs of other residents. Day care residents are considered "residents" for the purpose of OAR 411, divisions 85-89, unless specifically stated otherwise:

(1) Application. Application for permission to accept day care residents shall be made to the Division on a form provided by the Division.
(2) Physical Environment:
(a) The number of day care residents shall not exceed one for every 40 square feet of floor space available for use by day care residents;
(b) Provision shall be made for dining, such as tray service or dining area. Day care residents shall be served meals at the same times as other residents;
(c) Each day care resident shall have either an unassigned bed or a folding cot in an area where rest and privacy can be provided;
(d) There shall be one toilet and one lavatory available to every 15 day care residents. Such facilities shall be in close proximity to the area used by day care residents;
(e) All space required for day care residents shall be in addition to space required for other residents.
(3) Physician. Day care residents shall be under the care of a licensed physician. The physician shall provide the facility with a statement on admission concerning the diagnosis and general condition of the resident and with orders for prescribed care.
(4) Medications. Day care residents taking medication prescribed by their physicians may bring such medication in the original containers to the facility.
(5) Activities. The day care resident shall be encouraged to participate in a program of activities which are suitable to the needs and interests of the day care resident, and which promote learning by and independence of the resident.
(6) Care Plan. Each day care resident shall have a preliminary care plan which includes a nursing assessment and addresses dietary needs/restrictions and activities.
(7) Documentation:
(a) There shall be available for each day care resident an admission summary sheet including resident's name, address, telephone number, sex, social security number; name, address, and telephone number of nearest relative or personal representative and attending physician;
(b) There shall be available for each day resident a medication sheet including date, time, dosage, method of administration, and any reaction to a medication. Such medication sheet shall be signed by the nursing personnel administering the medication.


Or. Admin. R. 411-086-0050
SSD 19-1990, f. 8-29-90, cert. ef. 10-1-90

Stat. Auth.: ORS 410.070, 410.090 & 441.055

Stats. Implemented: ORS 441.055 & 441.615

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