Or. Admin. R. 416-060-0010 - Definitions

(1) Accredited News Media Organization:
(a) A newspaper that qualifies as a general circulation newspaper in the community in which it is published. A newspaper is one of general circulation if it circulates among the general public and if it publishes news of general interest to the public such as news of political, religious, commercial or social affairs. A key test to determine whether a newspaper qualifies as a general circulation publication is whether it qualifies for the purpose of publishing legal notices in the community in which it is located or the area where it distributes;
(b) A magazine that has a national, state or local circulation and is sold by newsstands and by mail subscription to the general public;
(c) A national or international wire service;
(d) A radio or television program whose primary purpose is to report news and which is part of a broadcast station holding a Federal Communications Commission license;
(e) A corrections or juvenile justice trade publication that reports on industry practices; or
(f) An Internet Web site affiliated with the organizations described in subsections (a)-(e) above, or an unaffiliated Internet Web site with a history of publishing news of general interest.
(2) Communications Liaison: The person in each Facility or community field office assigned to function as a liaison with the OYA Communications Office to keep the OYA Communications Office informed about news and activities at the Facility or OYA field office, and to assist the OYA Communications Office in responding to Media Representatives.
(3) Facility: Any youth correctional facility, camp or transitional facility including the staff offices and the grounds, operated by the Oregon Youth Authority.
(4) Field Supervisor: An OYA community services supervisor that oversees juvenile parole and probation officers, assistants, field office staff, and field office operations.
(5) Identifiers: Means of identifying a Youth in Custody through face, name, age, voice, gender, home community or other information.
(6) Media Representatives:
(a) Persons whose principal employment is with an Accredited News Media Organization;
(b) Unaffiliated persons who produce credentials or other written documentation from an Accredited News Media Organization demonstrating that the media organization has contracted with the person to purchase their completed work or project; or
(c) Authors of books or filmmakers who produce credentials or other written documentation demonstrating that a commercial publisher or media organization has contracted to purchase their completed work or project.
(7) OYA: Oregon Youth Authority.
(8) OYA Communications Office: The designated official spokespeople for OYA, who are the Director's Office communications director and communications deputy director.
(9) Substitute Care Placement: Any of the out-of-home care and treatment programs authorized by OYA to serve adjudicated youth in OYA's legal custody, including contracted residential treatment programs and certified foster homes. Substitute Care Placements exclude OYA's Facilities.
(10) Substitute Care Providers: Persons authorized by OYA through contract or other written agreement to provide supervision and care for adjudicated youth in OYA's legal custody on parole or probation status in the community. Such persons include, but are not limited to, contracted residential treatment providers and certified foster parents (including respite providers).
(11) Superintendent/Camp Director: The superintendent or camp director, as applicable, of a Facility. References to "Superintendent/Camp Director" throughout these rules refer to the superintendent or camp director of the Facility at which the visit, tour, or interview is being sought.
(12) Unaffiliated Persons: Freelance writers, independent filmmakers, producers, journalism teachers and students, and other persons who do not meet the definition of Media Representatives.
(13) Youth in Custody: A person in the legal and physical custody of OYA either in a Facility or placed in the community under supervision; and a person in the legal custody of the Department of Corrections and the physical custody of OYA in a Facility.


Or. Admin. R. 416-060-0010
OYA 5-2010, f. 10-14-10, cert. ef. 10-25-10; OYA 5-2022, amend filed 09/06/2022, effective 9/6/2022

Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 420A.025

Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 420A.010

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