Or. Admin. R. 416-490-0010 - Definitions

(1) Case Plan: A case plan is a formal plan with prescribed Interventions and documentation requirements and is a tool to assist staff in managing cases, setting goals and reviewing YICs' Interventions and progress. A case plan constitutes and fulfills the requirements of the Reformation Plan as defined in ORS 420A.005, 420A.125 and 420A.010 and is created and maintained in the statewide Juvenile Justice Information System (JJIS).
(2) Intervention: The means by which a YIC's negative behavior is redirected to a more acceptable level. Staff Interventions are designed to alter the environment to allow the individual YIC to gain self-control and develop skills to change the YIC's negative behavior. The type of Intervention used directly correlates to the behavior change needed.
(3) Isolation: A crisis Intervention where a YIC is temporarily placed alone in a room with a locked door due to the YIC's crisis behavior.
(4) OYA: Oregon Youth Authority.
(5) Physical Intervention: Direct physical contact where reasonable force is applied to a YIC either to restrict movement or mobility, or to disengage from harmful behavior.
(6) Room-lock Other: An Intervention where a YIC is placed alone in a room with a locked door for a sleep program, medical separation, or the YIC has requested Time-out in a closed or locked room.
(7) Safety Program: An intensive, YIC-specific, time-limited Intervention that modifies a YIC's activities to focus on developing the YIC's emotion regulation and problem-solving skills.
(8) Security Restraints: Devices used to restrict physical activity. Security restraints include, but are not limited to, handcuffs and leg irons.
(9) Time-out: A staff-supported, or YIC-requested, Intervention that helps a YIC emotionally re-regulate by separating the YIC from peers for a short period of time.
(10) Youth in custody (YIC): A person in the legal and physical custody of OYA in a youth correction facility; or a person in the legal custody of the Department of Corrections and the physical custody of OYA in a youth correction facility.


Or. Admin. R. 416-490-0010
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Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 420A.025

Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 420A.105 & 420A.108

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