Or. Admin. R. 416-490-0021 - General Provisions

(1) Staff Intervention on a YIC's negative behavior is designed to alter the YIC's environment to allow the YIC to regain self-control and develop skills to change the YIC's behavior. The type of Intervention used must directly correlate to the behavior change needed.
(2) Isolation may only be used when a YIC is in danger of physically harming others, where a serious threat of violence is present, or violence has occurred.
(3) Physical Intervention or restraint may only be used when a YIC presents a danger to self or others, including to prevent substantial physical plant damage or serious compromise to facility operations, and to prevent an escape from a youth correction facility.
(4) Isolation, restraint, or Physical Intervention is viewed as an exceptional or extreme practice.
(5) Once initiated, the Intervention must be as limited in time as possible.
(6) All staff expected to have a role in restraint and Physical Intervention must be trained and demonstrate competency.
(7) Managers are held accountable at all times for initiating, using, and terminating Isolation, restraint, or Physical Intervention procedures. Accountability is a component of performance improvement efforts and staff competency evaluations.
(8) Each YIC's Case Plan must identify specific Interventions to be used to avoid Isolation, Safety Programs, restraint, or Physical Interventions, and address the YIC's strengths and cultural issues.
(9) Decisions to initiate Isolation procedures, planned restraint or Physical Interventions must include an assessment of the YIC's history of sexual and physical abuse, violence, developmental disability, and medical or psychiatric issues pertinent to the decision.
(10) Mental health services staff must be notified when YICs with either mental health or developmental disability issues are placed in Isolation or a Safety Program, restrained, or involved in Physical Interventions.
(11) After an incident, YICs and staff must be involved in a clinically-timed post-procedure debriefing to determine how future incidents can be prevented.
(12) YIC dignity must be maintained to the extent possible.
(13) Time-out, Room-lock Other, Safety Program, Isolation, restraint, or Physical Intervention must not be initiated or maintained as a substitute for treatment, as punishment, or for staff convenience.
(14) Isolation, Physical Intervention, and restraint are emergency safety Interventions, not therapeutic techniques, and are implemented in a manner designed to protect the YIC's safety, dignity, and emotional wellbeing.
(15) Staff must reinforce the YIC's positive behaviors and strengths and remain sensitive to cultural issues.


Or. Admin. R. 416-490-0021
OYA 14-2018, adopt filed 07/13/2018, effective 7/16/2018; OYA 9-2023, amend filed 01/10/2023, effective 1/10/2023

Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 420A.025

Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 420A.105 & ORS 420A.108

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