Or. Admin. R. 416-490-0032 - Isolation

(1) The purpose of an Isolation Intervention is to remove a YIC from the facility's general population to give the YIC an opportunity to self-regulate behavior, and return to the general population as soon as possible.
(a) Isolation must occur in a locked, individual room.
(b) Isolation must only be used to manage a YIC's crisis behavior when the YIC is in danger of physically harming others, where a serious threat of violence is present, or violence has occurred.
(c) Isolation placement must be authorized by an OYA manager.
(2) Isolation must not be used as punishment, as a convenience or substitute for staff supervision, or a substitute for individualized treatment.
(3) Staff must monitor the YIC every 15 minutes for wellbeing and possible return to the general population. The monitoring must be documented in writing.
(4) Isolation must only be used until the YIC regains self-control and can return to a less restrictive setting, according to OYA policy.
(a) An incident of Isolation must not exceed five consecutive days.
(b) Only the OYA director or Facility Services director may approve an incident of Isolation exceeding five consecutive days, and must review the incident daily for its possible conclusion.
(5) In some situations, staff may assess that the appropriate level of Intervention requires the placement of the YIC in restraint devices. YICs in restraint devices must be continually observed by staff.
(6) The actions listed below must occur when a YIC is placed in Isolation.
(a) The placement must be reviewed by the superintendent, camp director, designee, or manager as soon as possible. The person reviewing the placement must not have been involved in the incident or in the placement of the YIC in Isolation.
(A) If the person reviewing the Isolation placement finds that the placement does not meet the criteria described in OAR 416-490-0021(2), the person must ensure the YIC is no longer alone in a room with a locked door.
(B) If the person reviewing the Isolation placement finds that the placement does meet the criteria described in OAR 416-490-0021(2), designated staff must assess the YIC's readiness to engage in problem analysis and reintegration planning within two hours of the Isolation placement, and at least every two hours thereafter, according to OYA policy.
(b) When it is determined a YIC is ready to engage in reintegration planning, designated staff must develop a reintegration plan, according to OYA policy, for the YIC to ultimately rejoin the general population.
(c) When it is determined a YIC is ready to rejoin the general population, designated staff must develop and document the YIC's reintegration plan, and initiate the reintegration according to OYA policy.
(d) A facility manager must ensure the YIC rejoins the general population as soon as possible after a reintegration plan is developed.
(7) For YICs who have been identified with severe or the highest mental health treatment needs, a clinical interview must be conducted and documented by a mental health care practitioner upon notification of the YIC's placement in Isolation. Requests for psychological Intervention by a mental health care practitioner may also be initiated by staff, or by a YIC in Isolation.
(8) YICs in Isolation are afforded the same opportunity to maintain health and dignity as afforded YICs in the general population consistent with requirements for the program and in accordance with OYA policy.
(9) Searches: Upon entering Isolation, the YIC must be searched according to OYA policy.
(a) Every item of material or equipment (books, magazines, etc.) must be inspected.
(b) The Isolation room must be searched upon staff assessment that a search is warranted, and before and after each occupancy. Unauthorized items must be removed from the room.
(10) Exceptions:
(a) YICs may be placed in an Isolation room without bedding, hygiene supplies, mail or reading material for up to two hours after initially occupying the room.
(b) When a YIC is placed in Isolation for two hours or longer, a YIC may only be denied an article of clothing, bedding, hygiene supplies, mail, or reading material under the following conditions:
(A) The YIC abused or misused the item;
(B) There exists a substantial threat of imminent misuse of the item; or
(C) The item is considered by staff to pose a threat to the YIC.
(c) The reason for denying the YIC an item must be documented in writing.
(d) If an item has been denied after a YIC has been in Isolation for two hours or longer, staff must evaluate returning the item at least once every 24 hours. If upon evaluation the item continues to be denied, the rationale for continued denial must be documented in writing.
(e) Staff have a continued obligation to assure basic hygiene, sanitation, and YIC dignity despite the removal of items.
(11) A YIC may appeal an Isolation Intervention through the YIC Grievance Process described in OAR 416, division 20.


Or. Admin. R. 416-490-0032
OYA 2-2010, f. 2-12-10, cert. ef. 2-19-10; OYA 9-2016, f. & cert. ef. 10/3/2016; OYA 14-2018, amend filed 07/13/2018, effective 7/16/2018; OYA 9-2023, amend filed 01/10/2023, effective 1/10/2023

Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 420A.025

Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 420A.105 & 420A.108

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