Or. Admin. R. 436-120-0445 - Training Requirements

(1) Basic education. Basic education is limited to nine months unless extended by the insurer.
(2) On-the-job training.
(a) On-the-job training time is limited to 12 months unless extended by the insurer.
(b) The insurer must reimburse the training employer for a portion of the worker's wages.
(c) The on-the-job training contract between the training employer, the insurer, and the worker must include, but is not limited to:
(A) The worker's name;
(B) The employer's legal business name;
(C) The employer's current workers' compensation insurance policy number;
(D) The name of the individual providing the training;
(E) The training plan start and end dates;
(F) The job title and duties;
(G) The skills to be taught;
(H) The base wage and the terms of wage reimbursement;
(I) An agreement that the employer will pay all taxes normally paid on the entire wage and will maintain workers' compensation insurance for the trainee; and
(J) An acknowledgement that the training may not prepare the worker for jobs elsewhere, if the training prepares a worker for a job unique to the training site.
(d) The insurer must pay temporary disability compensation as provided in ORS 656.268.
(e) Unless there is a need to accommodate the worker's documented medical condition or class schedule, the worker's schedule must be the same as for a regular full-time employee.
(3) Occupational skills training.
(a) Occupational skills training is limited to 15 months unless extended by the insurer.
(b) The training is primarily for the worker's benefit. The worker may not receive wages.
(c) Training does not establish any employer-employee relationship with the training employer. The training employer makes no guarantee of employing the worker when the training is completed.
(d) The training employer has a sufficient number of employees to accomplish its regular work and the training of the worker, and the worker does not displace an employee.
(e) Unless there is a need to accommodate the worker's documented medical condition or class schedule, the worker's schedule must be the same as for a regular full-time employee.
(4) Formal training.
(a) Formal training time is limited to 18 months unless extended by the insurer.
(b) Course load must be consistent with the worker's abilities and limitations and the length of time since the worker last attended school.
(c) Courses must relate to the vocational goal.
(5) Training before eligibility determined. If the worker begins or completes training between the date of injury and the date of the eligibility determination, and then the insurer finds the worker eligible for vocational assistance and finds the worker's training suitable, the insurer must reimburse the worker for costs required by that training and verified by the insurer or the director, including temporary disability as required under ORS 656.268 and 656.340.


Or. Admin. R. 436-120-0445
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 656.340(9), 656.726(4)

Stats. Implemented: ORS 656.340

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