Or. Admin. R. 436-120-0700 - Direct Worker Purchases

(1) Purchases, generally.
(a) The insurer must provide the direct worker purchase categories listed in OAR 436-120-0710 as necessary for the worker's participation in vocational assistance and to meet the requirements of a suitable job.
(b) The worker is no longer eligible for these purchases once eligibility ends unless the purchases are necessary to complete a plan.
(c) Direct worker purchases include partial purchase, lease, rental, and payment.
(2) Exclusions. Direct worker purchases do not include:
(a) Purchases of real property;
(b) Payment of fines or other penalties; or
(c) Payment of additional driver's license costs, increased insurance costs, or any other costs attributable to problems with the worker's driving record.
(3) Alternative purchases. In making its decision regarding a direct worker purchase, the insurer may choose the least expensive, adequate alternative. If the worker wants a direct worker purchase that is more expensive than that authorized by the insurer, the worker may select that alternative and pay the difference in cost.
(4) Approval or denial. Within 14 days of its receipt of a request for a direct worker purchase, the insurer must approve the purchase or notify the worker of its denial.
(5) Payment. The insurer must pay for approved direct worker purchases in time to prevent delay in the provision of services, but in no event later than 30 days after the insurer receives the worker's request or proof of payment, whichever is later.
(6) Advancement of costs, worker reimbursement. The worker may pay for mileage, child or senior care, or for purchases such as clothing, books, and supplies or the worker may request an advance of any of these costs based on documentation of need.
(a) The insurer must reimburse costs within 30 days of receiving a written request from the worker and any supporting documentation.
(b) The insurer must return denied requests for reimbursement to the worker within 30 days of receiving the request with an explanation of the reason for nonpayment.
(7) Right and title to nonexpendable purchases. The insurer must assign to the worker right and title to the nonexpendable direct worker purchases paid by the insurer.
(a) The insurer must make such assignment no later than the 60th day of continuous employment unless the worker remains eligible and the suitability of the employment is in question.
(b) The insurer may repossess nonexpendable property if the worker no longer requires the property for training or employment.
(c) The insurer may require repayment of advancements or reimbursements if the worker misrepresented information material to the purchase decision or if the worker used the funds for something other than the approved purchase.


Or. Admin. R. 436-120-0700
WCD 11-1987, f. 12-17-87, ef. 1-1-88; WCD 10-1994, f. 11-1-94, cert. ef. 1-1-95, Renumbered from 436-120-0087; WCD 6-2000, f. 4-27-00, cert. ef. 6-1-00; WCD 8-2007, f. 11-1-07, cert. ef. 12-1-07; WCD 4-2016, f. 11-28-16, cert. ef. 1/1/2017

Stat. Auth.: ORS 656.340(9), 656.726(4)

Stats. Implemented: ORS 656.340

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