Or. Admin. R. 438-006-0075 - Expedited Remedy for Failure to Pay Temporary Disability

(1) If it is alleged that the self-insured employer or insurer has terminated temporary disability compensation without: the attending physician advising the worker and documenting in writing that the worker is released to return to regular employment; or the injured worker's actual return to regular or modified employment; or the attending physician advising the worker and documenting in writing that the worker is released to return to modified employment, when such employment has been offered in writing to the worker and the worker fails to begin such employment; or any other event that causes temporary disability benefits to be lawfully suspended, withheld or terminated under ORS 656.262(4) or other provisions under chapter 656; or the issuance of a determination order or notice of closure; or authorization of the Board or the Director, the claimant may file with the Hearings Division with copies to the insurer, a motion supported by affidavit asserting the failure to receive such compensation.
(2) If the Hearings Division determines that the amount in controversy is less than $1,000, the case shall be referred to the Expedited Claims Service under the provisions of Division 013 of these rules;
(3) If the matter cannot be resolved by referral to the Expedited Claims Service, the Hearings Division shall immediately upon receipt of the motion and affidavit issue an Order requiring the self-insured employer or insurer to show cause within 15 days why said compensation has not been provided to the claimant. The show cause order shall contain notice of the date, time and place of the show cause hearing. Within 10 days after the close of the record, the Administrative Law Judge shall enter an order denying or granting temporary disability compensation and awarding penalties and attorney fees when appropriate.


Or. Admin. R. 438-006-0075
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 656.726(5), ORS 656.291(4)

Stats. Implemented: ORS 656.262(4), ORS 656.291 & ORS 656.726(5)

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