Or. Admin. R. 461-135-0475 - Specific Requirements; Pre-TANF Program

Current through Register Vol. 61, No. 4, April 1, 2022

(1) This rule explains specific requirements for the Pre-TANF program. The eligibility (see OAR 461-001-0000) criteria of the Pre-TANF program are the same as the TANF program. It is not the intent of the Pre-TANF program to delay the start of TANF program benefits. The purposes of the Pre-TANF program are:
(a) To help individuals find employment or other alternatives.
(b) To assess the employment potential of individuals.
(c) To help individuals determine the service level needed to enhance their employability and their likelihood of becoming self-sufficient.
(d) To determine if a needy caretaker relative (see OAR 461-001-0000) has or may have a barrier (see OAR 461-001-0025) to employment or to family stability (see OAR 461-001-0000).
(e) To develop an individualized case plan (see OAR 461-001-0025), when appropriate, that establishes goals and identifies suitable activities (see OAR 461-001-0025) that promote family stability and financial independence.
(f) To provide basic living expenses, as described in section (5) of this rule, immediately to families in need.
(2) Applicants for the TANF program whose unverified application indicates the individual meets the TANF eligibility requirements participate in the Pre-TANF program. Their applications for the TANF program are also considered applications for the Pre-TANF program. The Pre-TANF program is open for not longer than 30 days following the filing date (see OAR 461-115-0040).
(3) Individuals in the Pre-TANF program are subject to the requirements of the JOBS program, described in divisions 130 and 190 of this chapter of rules, and they are subject to the requirements of OAR 461-135-0085 pertaining to substance abuse and mental health.
(4) During the Pre-TANF program, each caretaker relative authorized to work in the United States in the need group (see OAR 461-110-0630) must complete an employability screening (see OAR 461-135-0485). At least one caretaker relative in the need group must participate in an overview of the JOBS program (see OAR 461-135-0485). If the employability screening indicates there is or may be a barrier, the individual must be offered additional screenings, at no cost to the individual, by a person with relevant expertise or specialized training. When appropriate, per OAR 461-190-0211, the individual and the Department prepare a case plan that lists the activities of the individual and support services (see OAR 461-001-0025) payments if available.
(5) The Department may provide the individual with basic living expenses necessary to stabilize the household so the individual can accomplish the activitiesin the case plan. Basic living expenses covered by this section are limited to the current need of the individual for personal incidentals that the individual cannot meet with other, immediately available resources. Payments under this section are limited to 100 percent of the payment standard in OAR 461-155-0030 for the benefit group (see OAR 461-110-0750). Payment for "past expenses" is made only when the need of the participant cannot be adequately met by a less expensive alternative.
(6) During the Pre-TANF program, an individual may receive support services payments listed in the case plan pursuant to OAR 461-190-0211.
(7) The Pre-TANF program is closed, at any point during the 30 days following the filing date (see OAR 461-115-0040) for TANF program benefits, in any of the following circumstances:
(a) The individual is unlikely to become employed due to the employability of the individual, the circumstances affecting the family, or other causes.
(b) The individual fails without good cause (see OAR 461-130-0327) to comply with a requirement of an employment program or the case plan.
(c) In any circumstance that would make an individual ineligible for TANF.
(d) Upon starting a JOBS Plus assignment.
(e) Upon employment and enrollment in Employment Payments (see OAR 461-001-0025) under OAR 461-135-1270.
(8) If Pre-TANF benefits are closed pursuant to subsection (7)(a) or (b) of this rule, TANF benefits may be opened if all TANF eligibility requirements are met.


Or. Admin. R. 461-135-0475
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Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 409.050, 411.060, 411.070, 412.006 & 412.049

Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 409.010, 411.060, 411.070, 412.006, 412.049, 412.064 & 412.001

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