Or. Admin. R. 461-135-0575 - SNAP Expedited Services

Current through Register Vol. 61, No. 4, April 1, 2022

In the SNAP program:

(1) An applicant is screened for expedited services except when a filing group (see OAR 461-110-0370) applies for SNAP benefits before the end of its current certification. If a filing group meets the expedited services criteria and the Department determines the filing group is eligible for SNAP benefits, the filing group qualifies to receive benefits within seven days following the filing date.
(2) The filing group meets expedited services criteria if the filing group:
(a) Has countable income less than $150 a month and liquid resources that do not exceed $100;
(b) Has gross income and liquid resources that total less than the total monthly rent, or mortgage, and utilities of the household; or
(c) Is a "destitute household" as described in 7 CFR 273.10(e)(3) (covering migrant and seasonal farmworker households) and has liquid resources that do not exceed $100.
(d) For purposes of this rule only, a liquid resource includes cash on hand, a checking or savings account, a savings certificate, and a lump sum payment.
(3) There is no limit to the number of times a benefit group (see OAR 461-110-0750) may receive expedited services. However, all eligibility factors from the last expedited issuance must be verified or the benefit group must have been certified under normal processing standards since the last expedited certification before the client is eligible to receive expedited services again.
(4) An eligibility process interview for an expedited services client is conducted in accordance with OAR 461-115-0690.
(5) The application processing timeframe for an expedited services client is determined under OAR 461-115-0210.
(6) Application information for an expedited services client is verified as required under OAR 461-115-0690.


Or. Admin. R. 461-135-0575
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 411.060 & 411.816

Stats. Implemented: ORS 411.060 & 411.816

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