Or. Admin. R. 461-155-0680 - Special Need - Supplemental Communication Allowance; OSIPM

In the OSIPM program:

(1) The Department provides a communication allowance to clients meeting the requirements of at least one of the following subsections if the client is 18 years of age or older and unable to leave the residence of the client due to a documented medical condition without the assistance of another person:
(a) Clients receiving SSI.
(b) Clients whose adjusted income is less than the OSIPM program standard under OAR 461-155-0250.
(c) Clients receiving in-home services under OAR chapter 411 division 030.
(2) The communication allowance may cover the following costs:
(a) The least expensive appropriate monthly telephone service or the basic monthly rate, whichever is less.
(b) The cost of telephone adaptive equipment, if the client has a medically documented need (for instance, TDD, a special headset, dialing mechanism, or emergency response system).
(c) Necessary landline telephone installation charges.
(d) Broadband internet service.
(3) A client described in section (1) of this rule is ineligible for a communication allowance unless the client applies for or receives payments through the Oregon Lifeline program.
(4) Communication allowances are limited to no more than $25 per month per client.
(5) Each client eligible under section (1) of this rule may receive a single communication allowance. The communication allowance is valid for either telephone service or broadband service.


Or. Admin. R. 461-155-0680
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