Or. Admin. R. 462-140-0040 - Veterinarian

(1) No one shall practice veterinary medicine on a racecourse unless licensed by the Oregon Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners (OBVME), with a current copy annually of said license on file with the Oregon Racing Commission. Veterinarians with an active-status license issued by the OBVME shall also obtain a license with the Oregon Racing Commission. Veterinary assistants shall only perform their duties under the direct supervision of a licensed veterinarian.
(2) Veterinarians performing services on a racecourse shall report all animals nerved, all treatments and all medicines given and prescribed each day on forms provided by the commission. These reports shall be mailed or hand-delivered to a commission veterinarian or designee or placed in the locked receptacle provided by the commission veterinarian within 2 days of the report date. In the case of lasix, treatments shall be recorded on a program, overnight, or other form approved by the commission veterinarian.
(3) Veterinarians on a racecourse shall use one-time disposable needles and shall dispose of all medical waste, i.e., needles, syringes, used bottles and/or other medication containers, etc., appropriately, according to Oregon Veterinary Medical Examining Board standards.
(4) No person, other than a veterinarian licensed by the Oregon Racing Commission, shall dispense, sell or furnish any feed supplement, veterinary preparation, medication or any other substance containing a prohibited drug or prescription medication to any person within the licensed enclosure. Any such products must be properly labeled as required by state law specifying the name, address and phone number of the dispensing veterinarian, the name of the trainer or owner of the animal, the name of the animal for which the product is prescribed, the name and strength of drug/medication and complete directions for use of the medication.
(5) Every racing animal which suffers a breakdown on the race track in training or in competition and is destroyed, and every other racing animal which expires while on a racecourse under the jurisdiction of the commission, shall undergo an examination to the extent that satisfies a commission veterinarian and that is reasonably necessary to determine the injury or sickness which resulted in euthanasia or natural death:
(a) The examination required under this rule will be conducted by a licensed veterinarian employed by the owner or trainer in consultation with the commission veterinarian, who may be present at such examination.
(b) A commission veterinarian has the ultimate decision, with or without the consent of the owner or trainer, to require further examination and testing on any expired horse for reasons including but not limited to those that would impact or be a threat to humans or animals. Should the commission veterinarian require such an examination or testing, the Oregon Racing Commission shall be responsible for the cost incurred.
(c) Test samples must be obtained from the carcass as directed by the commission veterinarian during the postmortem examination and sent to a laboratory approved by the commission for testing for foreign substances or their metabolites and natural substances at abnormal levels. When practical, samples shall be taken from the racing animal prior to euthanasia.
(d) The cost of laboratory testing of postmortem samples shall be borne by the commission.
(6) All veterinarians must conform their practice, at the least, to the minimum standards of the Oregon Veterinary Practice Act.
(7) Veterinarians must maintain security of controlled substances as required by law.
(8) All veterinarians shall provide the commission veterinarian and track security with current office and emergency telephone numbers five (5) days before the opening of each race meet at which they intend to practice.


Or. Admin. R. 462-140-0040
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 462.270(3)

Stats. Implemented: ORS 462.270

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