Or. Admin. R. 462-140-0070 - Commission Veterinarian

(1) A commission veterinarian is responsible, to the extent possible, for ensuring that horses coming upon the race course do not pose a health or safety problem to themselves or other racing animals. A commission veterinarian is authorized to check all animals coming on to the racecourse and to exclude and/or scratch any animal that may pose a health or safety problem in his/her opinion.
(2) A commission veterinarian shall be granted immediate access to any racing animal on or off the racecourse which has recently run a race or has been entered in a race. A commission veterinarian may examine or cause to be examined any racing animal on the racecourse and may take or cause to be taken blood, urine, saliva or other body fluids or samples for examination.
(3) A commission veterinarian shall observe all racing animals to ensure that all racing animals allowed to participate are, in his/her opinion, in sound racing condition and that its participation in a race is not contrary to the best interest of the racing animal.
(4) A commission veterinarian is authorized to scratch a racing animal from a race if, in the commission veterinarian's opinion, the animal is not in sound racing condition, may pose a health or safety problem to itself or others, or that its participation in a race is contrary to the best interest of the racing animal. The commission veterinarian shall immediately notify the stewards of the scratch.
(5) A commission veterinarian shall maintain a list, to be known as the "Vet's List", of racing animals that the commission veterinarian has reason to believe are uncontrollable, sick, injured, illegally medicated, are a danger to themselves or other racing animals, or are not in sound racing condition. Racing animals may only be removed from the "Vet's List" with the approval of a commission veterinarian.
(6) When necessary, a commission veterinarian is authorized to take immediate steps without approval of a racing animal's owner or trainer to protect the health and safety of the racing animal or other racing animals. This includes administering drugs and/or medications for treatment and/or humane euthanasia. In any other situation in which a commission veterinarian determines that a racing animal should be removed from the racecourse or scratched from a race, a commission veterinarian may order the racing animal removed or scratched.
(7) Except in the case of an emergency, a commission veterinarian, while employed by the commission, may not prescribe any medication for or treat any animal which will race on a racecourse in Oregon, with or without compensation. When emergency treatment is given a commission veterinarian shall make a complete written report to the stewards.
(8) A commission veterinarian or designated assistant shall secure blood, urine or other samples, as specified by the commission, of winning racing animals and of other racing animals designated by the stewards or commission veterinarian. Unused sealed containers furnished by the official laboratory designated by the state must be used for collecting specimens for analysis.
(9) A commission veterinarian will not conduct searches but may be involved in searches conducted by the commission investigators.
(10) A commission veterinarian shall verify the conditions of all horses reported to be nerved prior to the horse's first entry in a race meet or continuous race meet.
(11) A commission veterinarian shall be available, by telephone, radio or in person, to the stewards and racing secretary at scratch time, until the close of entries, and at least one hour prior to the first post. A commission veterinarian shall leave the paddock as the last horse leaves the paddock, or as a commission veterinarian deems practical, for each race and shall observe the horses during the post parade, warm up, and at the starting gate.


Or. Admin. R. 462-140-0070
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 462.270(3)

Stats. Implemented: ORS 462.270

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