Or. Admin. R. 584-400-0015 - Transition to National Accreditation

(1) The Oregon Legislative Assembly has delegated to the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission the authority to establish standards for approval of Educator Preparation Providers (EPPs) through Oregon Revised Statutes 342.147 and 342.165.
(2) The Oregon Legislative Assembly has required all EPPs to be nationally accredited by July 1, 2025, pursuant to Sections 2 through 6, Chapter 756, Oregon Laws 2015 (Enrolled SB 78) and Chapter 72, Oregon Law 2018 (Enrolled SB 1520).
(3) Purpose of the rule: In order to facilitate the implementation of the national accreditation requirement, the agency is establishing transition provisions for the state approval process. The purpose of the transition provisions is to provide guidance and flexibility to EPPs in the state approval process as they pursue new or renewing national accreditation.
(4) State Approval of Unit: Effective July 1, 2016, the Commission established the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) 2013 Accreditation Standards and 2016 CAEP Standards for Advanced Programs as the Oregon standards for state approval of units, as provided in the Program Review and Standards Handbook.
(5) In accordance with subsection (4) of this rule, the Unit will not be required to meet the following standards for the state approval process while this rule is in effect:
(a) 584-017-1008 Conceptual Framework;
(b) 584-017-1015 Knowledge, Skills and Professional Dispositions;
(c) 584-017-1022 Assessment System and Unit Evaluation;
(d) 584-017-1038 Field Experience and Clinical Practice;
(e) 584-017-1052 Faculty Qualifications, Performances and Development; and
(f) 584-017-1055 Unit Governance and Resources.
(6) Single-Subject Endorsements: The Unit may aggregate all single-subject endorsement areas, as defined in 584-400-0020 Definitions, into one program report. The Commission will provide state recognition of the aggregated single-subject programs in 584-420-0020 Preliminary Teaching License.
(7) State-Specific Standards (State Addendum Report): The Units must submit a state addendum report for review of state-specific standards in conjunction with the unit approval process. The report must include evidence of meeting the following state unit standards:
(a) 584-410-0070 Cultural Competency and Equity in the Classroom
(b) 584-410-0080 English Language Learners
(c) 584-410-0090 EPP Partnerships
(d) 584-410-0100 Verification of Candidate Recommendations (Field Audit)
(8) Applicability: All requirements and procedures set forth in Chapter 584, Division 400 and 410 became effective upon passage unless otherwise noted in the rule. Chapter 584, Division 400 and 410 supersedes any provisions contained in OAR Chapter 584, Division 10 and 17 relating to the continuing state approval of unit and state recognition of programs process and any conflicting rule requirements will be resolved accordingly.


Or. Admin. R. 584-400-0015
TSPC 2-2018, adopt filed 04/17/2018, effective 04/17/2018; TSPC 2-2019, amend filed 02/25/2019, effective 2/25/2019; TSPC 8-2020, amend filed 11/23/2020, effective 1/1/2021

Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 342

Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 342.120 - 342.430, 342.455 - 342.495 & 342.533

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