Or. Admin. R. 603-011-0263 - Grazing Permit for Oregon Cattle

(1) For the purpose of this rule and OAR 603-011-0264, "Grazing Permit" means a document issued by the Department at or before the time an identified person moves a specific herd of cattle from this state to a specific location in another state for grazing as a usual part of the person's ranching operations, which authorizes the re-entry of the same cattle herd to the place of origin in this state within a specified period of time without the need for an additional permit at the time of the re-entry.
(2) In order to qualify for the issuance of a grazing permit, the following conditions shall be met:
(a) The cattle shall be a part of an established breeding herd in this state which had been assembled (other than births in the herd) more than four months prior to the submission of an application for a grazing permit;
(b) The cattle shall have been officially vaccinated against brucellosis if this would be required for entry of the cattle into this state, or officially tested negative for brucellosis, within 30 days prior to the submission of an application for a grazing permit, and if the alternative is testing, shall not have been exposed thereafter to any other cattle known to be infected with brucellosis; and
(c) The out-of-state location for the grazing or feeding of the cattle shall be owned or leased by the owner of the cattle herd, and shall be so situated as to prevent the herd from commingling with other cattle in the area.
(3) An application for a grazing permit shall be on a form prescribed by the Department, shall be submitted to the Department at least 14 days prior to the intended movement of the cattle herd, and shall include:
(a) The name and address of the applicant, and the Oregon location of the cattle herd;
(b) The number, gender, breed, approximate average age, and brand identification (if any) of the cattle in the herd;
(c) The specific location and state to which the cattle herd is to be moved, the description of conditions that are intended to prevent co-mingling of the herd with other cattle, the intended length of time before the herd would be returned to this state; and intended date of movement to the out-of-state location;
(d) The evidence of the official vaccination against brucellosis, or of the official test(s) negative for brucellosis of the cattle herd, including the date(s) thereof; and
(e) The declarations, upon which the department is to rely, stating when the cattle herd had been finally assembled, and stating the reasons the intended movement of the cattle herd should be considered a usual part of the applicant's ranching operations.
(4) A grazing permit shall expire six months after its date of issuance. Prior to the expiration date, a grazing permit may be revoked or suspended by the Department if it determines that:
(a) Any of the evidence or declarations in the application for a grazing permit has been determined to be false or misleading;
(b) Any of the circumstances or conditions specified in section (2) of this rule has been determined to be non-existent or falsely stated; or
(c) After the cattle herd has been moved to the authorized out-of-state location, the cattle have thereafter been moved to a location other than authorized in the permit, or cattle have been added to or inserted as replacement in the herd, or the cattle in the herd have been allowed to commingle with other cattle.
(5) The grazing permit may be revoked or suspended by personally serving, or mailing by certified mail to, the permittee a written determination and order, which order shall be effective immediately. If the grazing permit is revoked or suspended while the cattle herd is out of state, the cattle shall not be allowed re-entry into this state unless the person having custody of the cattle complies with all of the regular requirements for the importation of cattle into this state.


Or. Admin. R. 603-011-0263
AD 6-1987, f. & ef. 5-5-87; DOA 3-2011, f. & cert. ef. 1-6-11

Stat. Auth.: ORS 561 & 596

Stats. Implemented: ORS 596.341

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