Or. Admin. R. 603-011-0270 - Importation of Cattle: Brucellosis Testing and Vaccination Requirements

(1) Definitions: As used in this rule:
(a) "Eligible Cattle" means all sexually intact cattle over 18 months of age, including pregnant heifers or those that have calved under 18 months of age;
(b) "Non-vaccinated" means all sexually intact female cattle over four months of age not vaccinated for brucellosis;
(c) "Vaccinated" means all female cattle vaccinated for brucellosis;
(d) "Designated Area" means an area, herd or herds described by USDA and/or the State Animal Health Official/State Veterinarian of the state-of-origin as containing cattle potentially infected with or exposed to brucellosis and thereby subject to movement restrictions and/or additional brucellosis testing;
(e) "Registered Dry Feedlot" means an area, approved and registered by the Department, surrounded by a cattle-tight fence in which livestock are confined and wherein they must be supplied both feed and water for their survival, but does not mean any pasture or corral wherein livestock are only fed occasionally or as a supplement to natural forage growing in the pasture or corral;
(a) In addition to the permit requirements for importation of livestock into Oregon, official vaccination for brucellosis (either calfhood or mature) is required for the importation of all female cattle over four months of age for any purpose other than directly to slaughter or to be fed in a registered dry feedlot or a licensed terminal feedlot (not pasture) and then sent directly to slaughter from that facility. Evidence of such vaccination shall be by an official tattoo in the right ear of the animal.
(b) All eligible cattle not originating in a Designated Area are specifically exempt from brucellosis testing before entry into the State of Oregon; or
(c) All eligible cattle not originating in a Designated Area may enter Oregon directly to a licensed slaughtering establishment or to an approved state-federal market and then to a licensed slaughter plant if the identity to the out-of-state herd of origin is maintained.
(d) All sexually intact cattle over 4 months not originating from a Designated Area and consigned to an approved state-federal market which, upon sale, are to go to ranches/farms in Oregon for breeding and/or dairy purposes, must be vaccinated for brucellosis. Evidence of such vaccination is an official tattoo and/or official vaccination tag in the right ear of the animal. The cost of vaccination at the market, if required, shall be the responsibility of the buyer.
(e) All sexually intact cattle originating in a Designated Area may be imported on a case-by-case basis as determined by the State Veterinarian, based on an assessment of risk to the cattle of the state. The cattle must be officially and individually identified. The official identification, identity to the out-of-state herd of origin and its physical location must be maintained.
(3) Registered Dry Feedlot: Cattle may be imported into the State of Oregon, consigned to a registered dry feedlot subject to the following conditions:
(a) Cattle may be of any age, vaccinated or not vaccinated, but may not originate from a Designated Area without specific permission from the State Veterinarian before entry;
(b) On movement from registered dry feedlots, non-vaccinated cattle may move to slaughter or to another registered feedlot only. There are no restrictions on steers and spayed heifers, vaccinated heifers under 18 months old or eligible vaccinated cattle.
(c) No illegally imported cattle are permitted entry to registered dry feed lots. Records of cattle entering and leaving feedlot shall be available to Departmental personnel at all reasonable times.


Or. Admin. R. 603-011-0270
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 561 & 596.341

Stats. Implemented: ORS 596.341

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