Or. Admin. R. 603-011-0525 - Brucellosis Vaccination Procedure

(1) As used in this rule "UM&Rs" means the most current version of Brucellosis Eradication: Uniform Methods and Rules produced by the United States Department of Agriculture. Brucellosis vaccination procedures, identification of vaccinated animals, and dosage for official calfhood vaccination and adult vaccination shall be those set forth in the UM&Rs.
(2) Brucellosis vaccination shall be performed by an official veterinarian.
(3) Veterinarians performing brucellosis vaccination must complete a Brucellosis Vaccination Record furnished by the Department, the original of which shall be mailed to the Department within 15 days of the date of vaccination, the second copy of which shall be given to the owner, and the third copy of which shall be retained by the veterinarian.
(4) Official Calfhood Vaccinates are female cattle and bison vaccinated against brucellosis when more than four months of age and less than 12 months of age (120 days to 365 days) with an official dose of approved brucellosis vaccine as set forth in the UM&Rs.
(5) "Official Oregon Mature Vaccinates" shall be vaccinated for brucellosis when aged more than 12 months.
(6) Mature Vaccination Protocol
(a) A blood sample shall be drawn at time of vaccination and sent for brucellosis testing at an official laboratory.
(b) Mature vaccination dosage shall be 1cc (one cubic centimeter) of normally reconstituted RB51 brucellosis vaccine.
(c) An official brucellosis vaccination steel identification tag shall be applied to the right ear of the vaccinated animal.
(d) An official brucellosis tattoo shall be applied to the right ear of the vaccinated animal. The tattoo shall be the letter "M" followed by the official USDA vaccination shield followed by the last digit of the year of vaccination.


Or. Admin. R. 603-011-0525
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 561 & 596

Stats. Implemented: ORS 596.040 & 596.460

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