Or. Admin. R. 603-012-0015 - Cleaning and Disinfecting Livestock Auction Markets

(1) Pens and alleyways in the livestock auction markets shall not contain accumulations of manure, trash, and other extraneous material and shall be kept clean. Pens and alleyways shall be kept free of accumulations of mud and standing water. No unconfined animals or poultry shall be allowed within the confines of a livestock auction market:
(a) In carrying out and enforcing the intent and purpose and provisions of this subsection, the Department will do so by inspection of each such market and the inspection reports and/or orders relating to and covering each such market on its own merits. This is necessary as it is recognized by the Department, the auction market industry, and the livestock owners that many unforeseen or unusual conditions or extenuating circumstances may exist. The owner or operator of each such market shall comply with the requests and orders of the Department;
(b) In making its inspections of market pens and alleyways, in writing its inspection reports, and/or the issuance of applicable orders, the Department will take into consideration:
(A) Existing and immediately past weather or unusual unforeseen conditions;
(B) The type of surfacing of pens and alleyways, such as hard materials (cement, asphalt, etc.) or nonhard materials (ground, gravel, sawdust, etc.);
(C) The use to which a pen or alleyway is put; to contain animals which are destined for sale, or used only for holding purposes, or any other customary use; and
(D) Other reasonable factors or conditions.
(2) All pens used in livestock auction markets for holding dairy cattle and hogs and all alleyways between such pens shall be floored with concrete or some other impervious material. All such pens and alley shall be sloped or otherwise constructed to permit adequate drainage. Such pens and alleyways and also fences, food racks, and watering troughs shall be constructed so as to allow proper cleaning and sanitation. After each use, all dairy, hog, baby calf pens, and all quarantine, testing, and treating pens shall be thoroughly cleaned, and all such places or areas shall be disinfected with a disinfection solution approved by the Department. Materials for disinfecting and the labor and other work involved in such cleaning and disinfecting, shall be furnished and paid for by the licensee owning or operating the livestock auction market.
(3) All livestock watering facilities in use at a livestock auction market in the market area or zone, shall be drained and cleaned to assure maintenance in a sanitary manner. The area immediately surrounding watering tanks shall be drained or filled to avoid accumulation of water.


Or. Admin. R. 603-012-0015
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 561 & ORS 596

Stats. Implemented: ORS 599.285

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