Or. Admin. R. 603-014-0135 - Brand Inspection System for Cattle Hides

As provided by ORS 604.046(6), the system for brand inspection of cattle hides resulting from custom slaughtering operations shall be as follows:

(1) Custom slaughtering establishments shall prepare the certificates and reports required by ORS 603.045. All hides shall be identified by application of a back tag or other identification device approved in writing by the Department. The back tag or device must be affixed to the hide with back tag glue or other manner approved in writing by the Department.
(2) Custom slaughtering establishments shall disclose to the Department the identities and locations of the rendering plants or hide buyers to which they sell or deliver cattle hides resulting from their slaughtering operations. Brand inspection of cattle hides may then be performed at these identified places. In the event custom slaughtering establishments retain the cattle hides resulting from their slaughtering operations, or in the event the cattle hides are disposed of to tanneries, or to rendering plants or tanneries located outside this state, brand inspection of cattle hides shall then be performed at the custom slaughtering establishments with the fees therefore based upon the number of cattle hides inspected. The brand inspection of cattle hides may be random, select or complete, depending upon the number of hides available for inspection and the degree of ownership verification, but not less than 25% annually.
(3) As provided by ORS 561.275, all rendering plants licensed under ORS 601.050, hide buyers, and all custom slaughtering establishment licensed under ORS 603.025, shall make their records relating to their acquisition and disposition of cattle hides available to the Department upon its request.
(4) The fee for brand inspection of cattle hides shall be that set forth in OAR 603-014-0095. The fee for such inspections performed at rendering plants identified under section (2) of this rule shall be deducted from the sales prices due the custom slaughtering establishments from whom the cattle hides were obtained, and remitted to the Department on or before the fifth day of the month following the acquisition of such cattle hides.


Or. Admin. R. 603-014-0135
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 561 & 604

Stats. Implemented: ORS 604.071(5)

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