Or. Admin. R. 603-024-0589 - Abnormal Milk Standard and Test

(1) The abnormal milk standards for milk for manufacturing purposes shall be determined by examination or testing for total somatic cells (leukocyte count) of at least four samples of milk from each producer during every six-month period. The leukocyte count shall be determined by a Direct Microscopic Somatic Cell Count, an electronic somatic cell count, or any other test which will give comparable results and is approved by the department.
(2) The abnormal milk standard shall be determined in the following manner:
(a) A Direct Microscopic Somatic Cell Count or Electronic Somatic Cell Count shall be conducted on each producer's milk at least four times in each six-month period;
(b) A milk sample having a leukocyte count of 500,000 or more per milliliter (ml.) shall be deemed to be violative of the abnormal milk standard;
(c) The three out of five compliance method shall apply in the case of all abnormal milk showing 1 million or more leukocytes per ml. except that a period of four weeks shall be allowed between warning notice and the taking of the next test;
(d) Whenever two of the last four consecutive leukocyte counts exceed the limit of the standards, the producer shall be given a warning letter which shall be in effect so long as two of the last four samples exceed the limit. An additional sample shall be taken but not before the lapse of four weeks. Milk shall be unlawful grade whenever the standard is violated by three of the last five leukocyte counts. No action is taken if the additional sample is within the standard (less than 500,000 cells per ml.). Release from unlawful grade is made with the first satisfactory sample.
(3) Cows which show an extensive induration of one or more quarters of the udder upon physical examination and/or secreting abnormal milk shall be temporarily excluded from the milking herd. Cows giving bloody, stringy, or abnormal milk shall be excluded from the herd until re-examination shall show that the milk has become normal.
(4) Milk from quarters of cow's udder treated with antibiotics for udder infection shall be withheld from the market according to manufacturer's recommendation.


Or. Admin. R. 603-024-0589
DOA 6-2002, f. & cert. ef. 1-28-02; DOA 6-2013, f. & cert. ef. 4-26-13

Stat. Auth.: ORS 651 & 621

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