Or. Admin. R. 603-051-0365 - Definitions

As used in OAR 603-051-0366 through 603-051-0395, unless otherwise required by the context, the following terms will be construed, respectively, to mean:

(1) "Air bubble" means the small visible pockets of air in suspension that may be numerous in the honey and contribute to the lack of clarity in filtered style.
(2) "Bees" means honey-producing insects of the genus Apis and includes the adults, eggs, larvae, pupae or other immature stages thereof.
(3) "Comb" means the wax like cellular structure that bees use for retaining their brood or as storage for pollen and honey.
(4) "Crystallize" means the spontaneous solidification of the natural glucose content from solution as the monohydrate.
(5) "Floral source" means the flower from which the bees gather nectar to make honey.
(6) "Food" has the definition provided in ORS 616.205(8).
(7) "Food additive" has the definition provided in ORS 616.205(9).
(8) "Granulate" means the initial formation of crystals in honey.
(9) "Honey" means the natural sweet substance produced by bees resulting from the harvest of plant nectar or plant secretions that has been collected and transformed by the deposition, dehydration, and storage in comb to ripen and mature.
(10) "Pollen grain" means the granular, dust-like microspores that bees gather from flowers. Pollen grains in suspension contribute to the lack of clarity in filtered style.


Or. Admin. R. 603-051-0365
AD 152, f. 11-12-43, ef. 1-29-44; DOA 4-2012, f. & cert. ef. 2-9-12

Stat. Auth.: ORS 561.190, 632.900 - 632.980 & HB 2947 enrolled

Stats. Implemented: ORS 632.900 - 632.980 & HB 2947 enrolled

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