Or. Admin. R. 603-051-0425 - Definitions of Terms

As used in OAR 603-051-0430 through 603-051-0445:

(1) "Single Crown" means a bulb that shows evidence of producing only one bloom stalk.
(2) "One Variety" means bulbs such as the Croft, Ace, Estate, etc. (the Kenyon-Davidson lily may be packed, and labeled Kenyon-Davidson though it may be more than one strain).
(3) "Mature" means that the bulb shall have reached a stage of maturity in months or years, according to variety, that will tend to produce under good greenhouse practices three or more blooms.
(4) "Fairly Firm" means that the bulbs shall be sufficiently cured at the time of shipment so that there shall be no appreciable loss in weight or shrinking in size during a reasonable length of time after grading, but shall not be so shrunken as to be flabby.
(5) "Damage" means any defect or condition that will affect the forcing qualities of the bulb or detract materially from the appearance of the pack.
(6) "Basal Plate" means the fleshy, circular plate at the base of the bulb from which roots develop.
(7) "Free from Sprouting" means that the bulbs shall not show appreciable evidence of top growth or new root development.
(8) "Damage by Disease" means that the bulbs shall not show evidence of injurious fungus or other plant diseases.
(9) "Slight Blemishes" means slight bruises and/or a very few broken scales. (Corky Tip shall not be considered as blemishes except where it materially affects the appearance of the pack.)
(10) "Circumference" means the measurement around the bulb in inches at the greatest diameter taken at right angles to the straight line from the top to the base of the bulb.


Or. Admin. R. 603-051-0425
AD 216, f. 8-30-45, ef. 8-28-45

Stat. Auth.: ORS 561.190 & ORS 632.900 - ORS 632.980

Stats. Implemented: ORS 632.900 - ORS 632.980

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