Or. Admin. R. 603-051-0810 - Definition of Terms

As used in OAR 603-051-0812 through 603-051-0818:

(1) "Similar Varietal Characteristics" means that the plants have the same general character of growth.
(2) "Fresh" means that the roots and crown are not excessively wilted or otherwise damaged.
(3) "Firm" means that the crowns are not soft or spongy, although they may yield to slight pressure.
(4) "Moist" means that the plants are reasonable turgid and not dried to a degree that would affect normal growth.
(5) "Fairly Clean" means that the roots must not be matted or caked with dirt.
(6) "Well Trimmed" means that the runners and petioles shall be well trimmed when the length of each does not exceed four inches. The presence of ragged and expanded leaves shall not be permitted.
(7) "Free from Damage Caused by Sunburn" means that the roots shall not be damaged by sunburn or scald, but slight discoloration will be permitted.
(8) "Free from Damage Caused by Mold" means that the plants must be free from visible mold or decay.
(9) "Free from Damage Caused by Black Roots" means that the roots must be of a normal color and only moderately affected by discolored roots which affect the normal growth of the plant. Black roots caused by disease shall not be permitted.
(10) "Free from Damage Caused by Broken or Split Crowns, or Mechanical Injury" means the breaking or severance of the crown from the root section or splitting of the crown or other mechanical injury that would affect the normal growth of the plant.
(11) "Free from Detectable Dangerous Insect Pests or Disease" means that no tolerance will be permitted for dangerous insects such as cyclamen mite, crown borer, or other destructive insects or detectable disease that affect the strawberry plant.


Or. Admin. R. 603-051-0810
AD 450, ef. 12-12-52; AD 609, f. & ef. 3-6-59; AD 697, f. 3-1-62

Stat. Auth.: ORS 561.190 & ORS 633.620 - ORS 633.660.

Stats. Implemented: ORS 633.620 - ORS 633.660

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