Or. Admin. R. 603-051-0835 - Requirements and Conditions for Registration or Certification

Registration or certification by the Department shall not imply or be construed as any warranty of the Department or its employees. In addition to other requirements which may be specified by the Department, the following requirements and conditions shall be met in order to qualify for consideration of registration or certification of grape nursery stock:

(1) The applicant for such registration or certification shall be responsible for the selection of the location and the proper maintenance of a planting being grown under the provisions of these sections. Said applicant shall be responsible for maintaining the identity of all such nursery stock in a manner approved by the Department. The Department shall be notified by the applicant in advance of the planting, replanting, grafting, budding, rebudding, pruning, or removal of grape nursery stock, or the removal of vines in any planting to be submitted for registration or certification, in order that necessary inspections may be made or approval granted prior to the performance thereof.
(2) Each planting shall be located in an area where contamination by soil-borne virus diseases of grapes from drainage, flooding, irrigation, or other means has not occurred, or is not likely to occur. Each of said planting areas shall be inspected and approved by the Department prior to planting:
(a) No uncertified grape vines may be located within thirty feet of the increase block location;
(b) No uncertified grapes may be growing upslope from the increase block location;
(c) Only grape nursery stock originating from Foundation Blocks approved by the Department may be planted in a certified grape increase block. A grower may produce cuttings from foundation stock grape plants for the purpose of completing the increase block planting, for example: a grower who receives five certified Pinot Noir vines from an approved foundation block may make forty five cuttings to complete a fifty vine planting of that Pinot Noir clone in the increase block;
(d) Only cuttings from grapevines planted in the increase block are eligible for certification tags provided by the Department;
(e) The grower must provide the Department with photocopies of the tags or other documents that accompany grape stock received from foundation sources, such copies shall be kept indefinitely in the Department certification file for the grower;
(f) The grower must prepare, and provide to the Department a map which locates each certified grapevine in the increase block. The map shall be kept in the Department certification file for the grower. Each grape vine in the increase block shall be marked to show variety, clone number and foundation source;
(g) When new certified grapevines are planted in the increase block, copies of certification tags must be sent to the Department along with a revised planting map that indicates the locations of the new vines;
(h) The grower of the increase block shall be licensed with the Department as a nursery stock grower;
(i) No increase block that looses its certification status may be reinstated into the certification program, not withstanding any change in ownership.
(3) Each planting shall be kept in a thrifty growing condition, and pests shall be kept under intensive control. Suitable precautions shall be taken in cultivation, irrigation, movement, use of equipment, and in other farming practices so as to safeguard against the spread of soil-borne pests to plantings. Any plant found to be off-type shall be removed from any planting. Off-type canes may be permitted to be removed in a manner approved by the Department. Grape nursery stock, including cuttings, shall be produced, stored, heeled-in, or calloused in media, beds, or storage areas approved by the Department. The Department may require such treatments, including fumigation, as shall protect against infection of or infestation with pests.
(4) For purposes of determining eligibility of said grape nursery stock for registration or certification, the following shall apply:
(a) To be acceptable in a planting in a foundation block, a plant shall be foundation stock, or its rootstock and topstock sources and the plant itself shall have been inspected and tested and not found to be virus-infected or off-type, and the index readings shall have been completed within the previous eight months, or the plant shall have an equivalent known history approved by the Department. Such plant shall have been protected from possible virus infection in a manner approved by the Department from the time it was originally propagated until it is planted in a foundation block;
(b) To be acceptable for planting in an increase block, the plant shall be foundation stock or propagated from foundation stock. Propagating wood from an increase block may be planted in the same increase block to increase its size or to replace plants subject to the approval of the Department;
(c) To be acceptable for planting or propagation in a nursery planting, a plant shall be foundation stock or an increase block for the purpose of certification;
(d) An increase block that is inspected as required by the Department and has no detectable virus infections of any kind shall be designated as "Level One" and stock from such increase blocks shall be called "Elite" stock;
(e) An increase block that is free of serious virus diseases shall be designated as "Level Two" and stock from such increase blocks shall be called "Registered" stock. No increase block may be newly established as a Level Two increase block and no material may initially enter the certification program except as Elite stock, defined in 603-051-0835(4)(d).


Or. Admin. R. 603-051-0835
AD 917(3-70), f. 4-20-70, ef. 5-15-70; DOA 17-1999, f. & cert. ef. 8-16-99

Stat. Auth.: ORS 561.190 & ORS 633.620 - ORS 633.660

Stats. Implemented: ORS 633.620 - ORS 633.660

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