Or. Admin. R. 605-020-0100 - COMMISSIONER PER DIEM AND REIMBURSEMENTS Definitions

(1) Actual and necessary" means that a travel or other expense:
(a) Is an actual expense incurred by a member in carrying out official duties; and
(b) The expense is necessary to enable the member to carry out official duties.
(2) "Member" means any individual appointed by the Director of Agriculture to serve on the Oregon Beef Council.
(3) "Non-qualified member" means a member other than a qualified member.
(4) "Other expenses" includes, but is not limited to, expenses incurred by a member of the Oregon Beef Council in employing a substitute to perform duties, including personal, normally performed by the member which the member is unable to perform because of the performance of official duties and which by the nature of such duties cannot be delayed without risk to health or safety. No member shall be reimbursed for expenses incurred in employing a substitute in excess of $25 per day.
(5) "Official duties" includes:
(a) Attendance at an Oregon Beef Council meeting or subcommittee meeting;
(b) Substantial preparation for an Oregon Beef Council meeting or subcommittee meeting;
(c) Attendance at a conference or other activity as a representative of the Oregon Beef Council, either at the request of the chair of the Oregon Beef Council or as authorized in advance by a vote of the Oregon Beef Council; and
(d) Legislative testimony.
(6) "Qualified member" means a member who is not in full-time public service and who had an adjusted gross income in the previous tax year:
(a) Of less than $50,000, as reported on an income tax return other than a joint income tax return; or
(b) Of less than $100,000, as reported on a joint income tax return.
(7) "Travel and other expenses" includes meals, overnight lodging, transportation, postage, and the cost of attending, as a representative of the Oregon Beef Council, an event associated with marketing, promoting, researching, or representing the commodity, such as a trade show, stock show, county fair, state fair, conference, or training. "Travel and other expenses" does not include:
(a) Attendance at a sporting event, concert, theatrical or dance performance, or movie, including such events that occur at a trade show, stock show, county fair, state fair, conference, or training;
(b) In-room movie rental;
(c) Telephone charges that are not associated with Oregon Beef Council business;
(d) Use of a gym or health club;
(e) Cost of a gift for a host, business associate, contractor, Oregon Beef Council member or employee, or family member; or
(f) Alcoholic beverages


Or. Admin. R. 605-020-0100
BC 1-2021, temporary adopt filed 09/23/2021, effective 9/24/2021through 3/22/2022; BC 2-2021, adopt filed 12/08/2021, effective 3/22/2022

Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 577.260 & 577.290

Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 577.260 & 292.495

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