Or. Admin. R. 629-001-0045 - Final Orders in Contested Cases

(1) Following hearing, the administrative law judge will prepare the record and proposed order for filing with the board as expeditiously as possible. In the case of hearings related to orders of the State Forester pursuant to ORS 527.700, the record and proposed order shall be filed with the board within five working days of the close of hearing unless an extension has been agreed to by the parties and State Forester. Except as provided in section (2) of this rule, no less than a majority of the board shall then review and consider the proposed order and record, hold a meeting or telephone conference, and take final action as provided for in this rule.
(2) If upon a determination by the board chairperson, the board cannot complete a final order within applicable statutory time limits, the chairperson may delegate authority to issue a final order to the administrative law judge.
(3) After reviewing and considering the proposed order and record, the board may do any of the following:
(a) Schedule written or oral argument from the State Forester and any party that filed exceptions to the proposed order. The board chairperson shall determine whether oral argument, written argument, or both will be permitted after consulting with the board members.
(A) Oral argument shall be allowed only if the board determines it is necessary or appropriate to assist in the proper disposition of the case, and shall be:
(i) Limited to matters raised in written exceptions; and
(ii) Conducted under such time limits as the board chairperson determines are appropriate.
(B) The board chairperson shall notify the agency and parties of the form of argument, if any, to be allowed.
(b) Remand the matter to the administrative law judge for further hearing on such issues as the board specifies, and to prepare a revised proposed order as appropriate, under OAR 137-003-0655(2).
(c) Enter a final order adopting the recommendation of the administrative law judge.
(d) Enter an amended proposed order or final order that modifies or rejects the recommendation of the administrative law judge. If the board decides to modify or reject the proposed order, the board must comply with OAR 137-003-0655 and 137-003-0665.


Or. Admin. R. 629-001-0045
DOF 5-2002, f. & cert. ef. 7-1-02; DOF 2-2004, f. & cert. ef. 2-10-04

Stat. Auth.: ORS 526.016(4), 527.687(3), 527.715

Stats. Implemented: ORS 183.310 -- 183.550

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