Or. Admin. R. 635-056-0050 - Prohibited Species

(1) Except as otherwise provided in these rules or other rules of the commission, live wildlife listed below may not be imported, possessed, sold, purchased, exchanged or transported in the state:
(a) Prohibited Mammals: Common Name - Family - Genus/species:
(A) Order Artiodactyla:
(i) Sheep, Goats, Chamois, Tahr - Bovidae - Subfamily Caprinae; All species and hybrids except:
(I) Capra hircus;
(II) Ovis aries;
(III) hybrids of Ovis aries with O. a. orientalis; hybrids of O. aries with Ammotragus lervia; and hybrids of O. aries with Pseudois nayaur;
(ii) Wildebeest - Bovidae - Connochaetes All species and hybrids;
(iii) Central Asian gazelles - Bovidae - Procapra All species and hybrids;
(iv) Wild boar - Suidae - Sus scrofa (except Sus scrofa domesticus).
(B) Order Carnivora:
(i) Wild canids - Canidae - All native species. However, fox (Vulpes vulpes and Urocyon cinereoargenteus) are exempt from this prohibitition if when part of a commercial fur farming operation or for wildlife rehabilitation purposes by a licensed wildlife rehabilitator;
(ii) Mongooses - Herpestidae - All species and hybrids;
(iii) North American Otter, Eastern subspecies - Mustelidae - Lontra canadensis lataxina.
(iv) Asian Small-clawed Otter - Mustelidae - Lutrinae Aonyx cinerea.
(v) Civets and Genets - Viverridae - All species and hybrids (except Arctictis binturong).
(C) Order Chiroptera: Bats - All families except Pteropodidae - All species and hybrids.
(D) Order Cingulata: Nine-banded armadillo - Dasypodidae - Dasypus novemcinctus.
(E) Order Dasyuromorphia:
(i) Broad-footed marsupial mice - Dasyuridae - Antechinus All species and hybrids;
(ii) Brush-tailed marsupial mice - Dasyuridae - Phascogale All species and hybrids;
(iii) Dunnant - Dasyuridae - Sminthopsis All species and hybrids.
(F) Order Didelphimorphia: Virginia opossum - Didelphidae - Didelphis virginiana.
(G) Order Diprotodontia:
(i) Common brushtail - Phalangeridae - Trichosurus vulpecula;
(ii) Common ringtail - Pseudocheiridae - Pseudocheirus peregrinus.
(H) Order Erinaceomorpha: Eurasian hedgehogs - Erinaceidae - Erinaceus europaeus, E. concolor, E. amurensis.
(I) Order Lagomorpha:
(i) Hares and Jackrabbits - Leporidae - Lepus All nonnative species and hybrids;
(ii) Cottontails - Leporidae - Sylvilagus All nonnative species and hybrids.
(J) Order Rodentia:
(i) Argentine Plains viscacha - Chinchillidae - Lagostomus maximus;
(ii) Chinese jumping mouse - Dipodidae - Eozapus setchuanus;
(iii) Desert jerboas - Dipodidae - Jaculus All species and hybrids;
(iv) Kangaroo rats - Heteromyidae - Dipodomys All nonnative species except D. deserti and D. spectabilis;
(v) Pale kangaroo mouse - Heteromyidae - Microdipodops pallidus;
(vi) Pocket mice - Heteromyidae - Perognathus All nonnative species and hybrids;
(vii) Capybara - Hydrochaeridae - Hydrochaeris hydrochaeris;
(viii) Old world porcupines - Hystricidae - Hystrix africaeaustralis, H. cristata, and H. indica;
(ix) Mouselike hamster - Muridae - Calomyscus All species and hybrids;
(x) Ratlike hamsters - Muridae - Cricetulus All species and hybrids;
(xi) Bushy-tailed jird - Muridae - Sekeetamys calurus;
(xii) Nutria (Coypu) - Myocastoridae - Myocastor coypus;
(xiii) Fat dormouse - Myoxidae - Glis glis;
(xiv) Hazel dormouse - Myoxidae - Muscardinus avellanarius;
(xv) Antelope ground squirrels - Sciuridae - Ammospermophilus All nonnative species and hybrids except A. harrisii;
(xvi) Tricolored squirrels - Sciuridae - Callosciurus All species and hybrids except C. prevostii;
(xvii) Prairie dogs - Sciuridae - Cynomys All species and hybrids;
(xviii) Southern flying squirrel - Sciuridae - Glaucomys volans;
(xix) Marmots - Sciuridae - Marmota All nonnative species and hybrids;
(xx) Giant flying squirrel - Sciuridae - Petaurista All species and hybrids;
(xxi) Eastern gray squirrel - Sciuridae - Sciurus carolinensis;
(xxii) Eastern fox squirrel - Sciuridae - Sciurus niger;
(xxiii) Eurasian red squirrel - Sciuridae - Sciurus vulgaris;
(xxiv) Ground squirrels - Sciuridae - Spermophilus All nonnative species and hybrids except S. adocetus, S. annulatus, S. atricapillus, S. madrensis, S. mexicanus, S. mohavensis, S. perotensis, and S. tereticaudus;
(xxv) Chipmunks - Sciuridae - Tamias All nonnative species and hybrids;
(xxvi) African ground squirrels - Sciuridae - Xerus All species and hybrids.
(b) Prohibited Birds: Common Name - Family - Genus/species:
(A) Order Anseriformes: Egyptian goose - Anatidae - Alopochen aegyptiaca.
(B) Order Charadriiformes: Spotted thick-knee - Burhinidae - Burhinus capensis.
(C) Order Coraciiformes:
(i) Malachi te kingfisher - Alcedinidae - Alcedo cristata;
(ii) Laughing kookaburra - Alcedinidae - Dacelo novaeguineae.
(D) Order Passeriformes:
(i) Yellowhammer - Emberizidae - Emberiza citrinella;
(ii) European greenfinch - Fringillidae - Carduelis chloris;
(iii) Chaffinch - Fringillidae - Fringilla coelobs.
(c) Prohibited Amphibians: Common Name - Family - Genus/species:
(A) Order Caudata:
(i) Tiger salamander - Ambystomatidae - Ambystoma tigrinum All nonnative sub-species;
(ii) Amphiumas - Amphiumidae - All species and hybrids;
(iii) Giant salamanders and Hellbenders - Cryptobranchidae - All species and hybrids;
(iv) American giant salamanders - Dicamptodontidae - All nonnative species and hybrids;
(v) Asian salamanders - Hynobiidae - Ranodon All species and hybrids;
(vi) Shovel-nosed salamander - Plethodontidae - Leurognathus marmoratus;
(vii) Waterdogs - Proteidae - Necturus All species and hybrids;
(viii) Firebelly newts - Salamandridae - Cynops All species and hybrids;
(ix) European Mountain or Brook salamanders - Salamandridae - Euproctus All species and hybrids;
(x) Caucasus or Spine-tailed salamanders - Salamandridae - Mertensiella All species and hybrids;
(xi) Red-spotted or Eastern newt - Salamandridae - Notophthalmus viridescens;
(xii) Chinese newts - Salamandridae - Pachytriton All species and hybrids;
(xiii) Warty newts - Salamandridae - Paramesotriton All species and hybrids;
(xiv) Ribbed newts - Salamandridae - Pleurodeles All species and hybrids;
(xv) Fire salamanders - Salamandridae - Salamandra All species and hybrids;
(xvi) Roughskin newts - Salamandridae - Taricha rivularis and T. torosa;
(xvii) Alpine newts - Salamandridae - Triturus All species and hybrids;
(xviii) Crocodile newts - Salamandridae - Tylotriton All species and hybrids;
(xix) Sirens - Sirenidae - All species and hybrids.
(B) Order Anura:
(i) Fire-bellied toads - Bombinatoridae - Bombina All species and hybrids;
(ii) True toads - Bufonidae - Bufo All nonnative species and hybrids except Bufo marinus;
(iii) Midwife toads - Discoglossidae - Alytes All species and hybrids;
(iv) Painted frogs - Discoglossidae - Discoglossus All species and hybrids;
(v) Cricket frog - Hylidae - Acris All species and hybrids;
(vi) European tree frog - Hylidae - Hyla arborea;
(vii) Cope's gray tree frog - Hylidae - Hyla chrysoscelis;
(viii) Green tree frog - Hylidae - Hyla cinerea;
(ix) Mediterranean tree frog - Hylidae - Hyla meridionalis;
(x) Gray tree frog - Hylidae - Hyla versicolor;
(xi) Chorus frog - Hylidae - Pseudacris All nonnative species and hybrids;
(xii) Australian froglets - Myobatrachidae - Crinia All species and hybrids;
(xiii) Australian swamp frogs - Myobatrachidae - Limnodynastes All species and hybrids;
(xiv) Barred frogs - Myobatrachidae - Mixophyes All species and hybrids;
(xv) Spadefoot toads - Pelobatidae - All nonnative species and hybrids;
(xvi) African clawed frog - Pipidae - Xenopus All species and hybrids;
(xvii) African bull frog - Ranidae - Pyxicephalus All species and hybrids;
(xviii) Siberian frog - Ranidae - Rana altaica;
(xix) Khabarovsk frog - Ranidae - Rana amurensis;
(xx) Crawfish frog - Ranidae - Rana areolata;
(xxi) Swedish swamp frog - Ranidae - Rana arvalis;
(xxii) Asian frog - Ranidae - Rana asiatica;
(xxiii) Rio Grande leopard frog - Ranidae - Rana berlandieri;
(xxiv) Plains leopard frog - Ranidae - Rana blairi;
(xxv) Caucasus frog - Ranidae - Rana camerani;
(xxvi) Inkiapo frog - Ranidae - Rana chensinensis;
(xxvii) Toudaohe frog - Ranidae - Rana chevronta;
(xxviii) Green frog - Ranidae - Rana clamitans;
(xxix) Spring frog - Ranidae - Rana dalmatina;
(xxx) Dybowski's frog - Ranidae - Rana dybowskii;
(xxxi) Stream frog - Ranidae - Rana graeca;
(xxxii) Pig frog - Ranidae - Rana grylio;
(xxxiii) River frog - Ranidae - Rana heckscheri;
(xxxiv) Turkish frog - Ranidae - Rana holtzi;
(xxxv) Iberian frog - Ranidae - Rana iberica;
(xxxvi) Agile frog - Ranidae - Rana japonica;
(xxxvii) Italian agile frog - Ranidae - Rana latastei;
(xxxviii) Kokarit or Taipa frog - Ranidae - Rana longicrus;
(xxxix) Brusa frog - Ranidae - Rana macrocnemis;
(xl) Nikko frog - Ranidae - Rana ornativentris;
(xli) Pickeral frog - Ranidae - Rana palustris;
(xlii) Mink frog - Ranidae - Rana septentrionalis;
(xliii) Wood frog - Ranidae - Rana sylvatica;
(xliv) Tago frog - Ranidae - Rana tagoe;
(xlv) European common frog - Ranidae - Rana temporaria;
(xlvi) Tsushima frog - Ranidae - Rana tsushimensis;
(xlvii) Carpenter frog - Ranidae - Rana virgatipes.
(d) Prohibited Reptiles: Common Name - Family - Genus/species:
(A) Order Testudines:
(i) Snapping turtle - Chelydridae - All species and hybrids;
(ii) Chinese pond turtle - Emydidae - Chinemys All species and hybrids;
(iii) Pond turtle - Emydidae - Clemmys All nonnative species;
(iv) Painted turtle - Emydidae - Chrysemys All nonnative sub-species;
(v) European pond turtle - Emydidae - Emys orbicularis;
(vi) Blanding's turtle - Emydidae - Emydoidea blandingii;
(vii) Map turtle - Emydidae - Graptemys All species and hybrids;
(viii) Asian pond turtle - Emydidae - Mauremys All species and hybrids;
(ix) Pond slider - Emydidae - Pseudemys and Trachemys All species and hybrids;
(x) Common musk turtle - Kinosternidae - Kinosternon odoratum;
(xi) Common mud turtle - Kinosternidae - Kinosternon subrubrum;
(xii) North American soft shell - Trionychidae - Apalone All species and hybrids;
(xiii) African soft shell - Trionychidae - Trionyx triunguis.
(B) Order Squamata (Suborder Lacertilia):
(i) Slow worm - Anguidae - Anguis fragilis;
(ii) Armored Glass lizard - Anguidae - Ophisaurus apodus
(iii) Sand lizard - Lacertidae - Lacerta agilis;
(iv) Jewelled lizard - Lacertidae - Lacerta lepida;
(v) Iberian Mountain lizard - Lacertidae - Lacerta monticola;
(vi) Meadow lizard - Lacertidae - Lacerta praticola;
(vii) Iberian Emerald lizard - Lacertidae - Lacerta schreiberi;
(viii) Balkan Emerald lizard - Lacertidae - Lacerta trilineata;
(ix) Emerald lizard - Lacertidae - Lacerta viridis;
(x) Viviparous lizard - Lacertidae - Lacerta vivipara;
(xi) Erhard's Wall lizard - Lacertidae - Podarcis erhardi;
(xii) Iberian Wall lizard - Lacertidae - Podarcis hispanica;
(xiii) Common Wall lizard - Lacertidae - Podarcis muralis;
(xiv) Crocodile lizard - Xenosauridae - Shinisaurus crocodilurus.
(C) Order Squamata (Suborder Serpentes):
(i) Brown tree snake - Colubridae - Boiga irregularis;
(ii) Black-necked spitting cobra - Elapidae - Naja nigricollis;
(iii) Cape cobra - Elapidae - Naja nivea;
(iv) Copperheads and cottonmouths - Viperidae - Agkistrodon All species and hybrids;
(v) Puff adders - Viperidae - Bitis All species and hybrids except Bitis gabonica and B. nasicornis;
(vi) Lanceheads - Viperidae - Bothrops All species and hybrids;
(vii) Palm pit vipers - Viperidae - Bothriechis All species and hybrids;
(viii) Rattlesnakes - Viperidae - All nonnative species and hybrids except Crotalus aquilus, C. basiliscus, C. durissus, C. intermedius, C. polystictus, C. pusillus, C. tortugensis, C. triseriatus, C. unicolor, and C. vegrandis;
(ix) Mid-east vipers - Viperidae - Daboia All species and hybrids;
(x) Pygmy rattlesnake - Viperidae - Sistrurus catenatus;
(xi) Asian pit vipers - Viperidae - Trimeresurus All species and hybrids;
(xii) Wagler's palm viper - Viperidae - Tropidolaemus wagleri;
(xiii) Sand vipers - Viperidae - Vipera All species and hybrids.
(e) Prohibited Fish: Common Name - Family - Genus/species:
(A) Order Amiiformes: Bowfin - Amiidae - Amia calva.
(B) Order Cypriniformes:
(i) Piranha or Caribe - Characidae subfamily Serrasalminae commonly known as caribe or piranha - All species and hybrids except carnivorous species of Pygocentrus, Serrasalmus or Pristobrycon pursuant to ORS 498.242;
(ii) Walking catfish (ORS 498.242) - Clariidae - All species and hybrids;
(iii) Oriental weatherfish - Cobitidae - Misgurnus anguillicaudatus;
(iv) Ide - Cyprinidae - Leuciscus idus;
(v) Rudd - Cyprinidae - Scardinius erythropthalmus.
(vi) Asian carp - Cyprinidae - Hypophthalmichthys All species and hybrids;
(vii) Black carp - Cyprinidae - Mylopharyngodon piceus
(C) Order Lepisosteiformes: Gar - Lepisosteidae - All species and hybrids.
(D) Order Perciformes:
(i) Snakehead - Channidae - Channa All species and hybrids;
(ii) Round goby - Gobiidae - Neogobius melanostomus;
(iii) Ruffe - Percidae - Gymnocephalus cernuus;
(iv) Zander or Pike-perch - Percidae - Sander lucioperca.
(E) Order Salmoniformes: Pikes, Pickerel, Muskellunge - Esocidae - All species and hybrids except tiger muskellunge (Esox lucius X Esox masquinongy) in Phillips Reservoir located in Baker County
(f) Prohibited Mollusks Common Name - Family - Genus/species:
(A) Order Bivalvia:
(i) Asian clam - Corbiculidae - All species;
(ii) Zebra mussel, Quagga mussel - Dreissenidae - All species (whether live or dead).
(B) Order Neogastropoda: Japanese oyster drill - Muricidae - Ceratostoma inornatum.
(C) Order Architaenioglosso:
(i) Chinese mystery snail - Viviparidae - Cipangopaludina chinensis.
(ii) Japanese mystery snail - Viviparidae - Cipangopaludina japonica
(g) Prohibited Crustaceans Common Name - Family - Genus/species: Order Decapoda:
(A) Chinese mitten crab - Grapsidae - Eriocheir All species;
(B) Blue crab - Portunidae - Callinectes sapidus;
(2) The department may issue a permit for the importation, possession, sale, purchase, exchange or intrastate transportation of prohibited species and those species not yet classified if the department finds that the following standards have been met:
(a) The facility is constructed to minimize escape of prohibited species;
(b) There are adequate security and safety programs and procedures which minimize the possibility of escape;
(c) There is adequate record keeping to aid in tracking of confined animals or recovery of escaped animals;
(d) There are adequate procedures, equipment and trained staff to maximize capture of escaped animals;
(e) Adequate veterinary care is provided to identify and minimize the spread of diseases; and
(f) The applicant has a good reputation for care of animals and compliance with the wildlife laws.
(g) Using forms provided by the department, persons or entities may apply for a permit under subsection (2) as follows:
(A) Facilities accredited by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association (AZA). Because the department finds that the current AZA accreditation process holds these facilities to standards equivalent to those in subsection (2), AZA accreditation shall be evidence that the department's standards for importation, possession, sale, purchase, exchange or intrastate transportation of prohibited species are met. To obtain a permit for these activities, AZA accredited facilities shall submit a completed application form and proof of accreditation.
(B) Universities and colleges. To obtain a permit, universities and colleges shall submit:
(i) A completed application form;
(ii) A written description of escape avoidance procedures and facilities; and
(iii) Identification of the time period(s) during which prohibited species will be held.
(C) Others. To apply for a permit, persons and entities other than universities, colleges and AZA accredited facilities shall submit:
(i) A completed application form; and
(ii) A completed Prohibited Species Questionnaire.
(h) Satisfactory facilities inspections may be required prior to issuance of any permit.


Or. Admin. R. 635-056-0050
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