Or. Admin. R. 635-006-1065 - Review of Denials (Restricted Participation Systems)

(1) An individual whose application for issuance or renewal of a limited entry permit is denied by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (Department) may request review of the Department's decision by doing so in writing to the Commercial Fishery Permit Board (Board). The procedure for requesting review and the applicable standard of review shall be as follows:
(a) Gillnet salmon - see ORS 508.796;
(b) Troll salmon - see ORS 508.825;
(2) The Board may delegate to the Department its authority to waive requirements for renewal of permits in all fisheries in such specific instances as the Board sets forth in a letter of delegation to the Department.
(3) For those fisheries requiring a $125.00 application fee for Board review, the fee is nonrefundable. However, if the Board grants the applicant's request, the nonrefundable fee shall apply toward the permit fee.
(4) Orders issued by the Board are not subject to review by the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission (Commission), but may be appealed as provided in ORS 183.480 to 183.550.


Or. Admin. R. 635-006-1065
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 506.036, 506.109, 506.119 & 506.129

Stats. Implemented: ORS 506.109 & 506.129

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